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The Passport in Detroit

This was an interesting review - it was purpose driven. I wanted to show off the city of Detroit to my cousin Connie who’d flown in from California to see the city, and I wanted a car that could comfortably take four people around town. Here comes the Passport.  [caption id="attachment_568623" align="alignnone" width="1024"] As a little backstory, there used to be a mindset that if I got you into a small car from my brand that over time you’d work your way up to bigger and bigger cars. I firmly believe that same “mindset” exists today in the world of the SUV. From a CUV to the big 3 row SUV’s, consumers find their way up the ladder. The Honda Passport definitely a step up the ladder from a CUV. [/caption] First thing you’ll notice with the Passport (and all of the Honda SUV’s) is room...headroom, elbow room, leg room. Honda has mastered the art of interior design and ergonomic space - these are still the most comfortable SUV’s I review (and I’m 6’5” with the wingspan of a 7’ guy).  No “mini third row” in the Passport - just tons of room for everything in the back (trips, shopping, etc.) Incredibly functional all the way around. And the fully loaded Passport Elite still came in under 45k. Not bad at all.  Driving the Passport you’ll notice a different feel - the suspension is well tuned and responsive...which is not the normal for SUV’s (trust me, some of them feel like you’re driving a semi...or they swing so far the other way it’s like riding in your grandmas Lincoln). Bottom line: The Passport was the perfect weekend vehicle for showing folks around Detroit. Honda has dialed this SUV in and it’s one of my favorites. Well done folks. Review from Big Jim O'Brien (@wcsxjim) All images courtesy of Honda Price as tested $45k (estimated)

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