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Are They Making A New Version Of The 1980 Movie Popeye?

Popeye The Sailor Movie, according to Variety.com remake, is in the works. Variety reported in March 2024 that Chernin Entertainment and King Features had a live-action Popeye movie in development for a theatrical release. https://www.instagram.com/p/C2fXyxYMrBn Back in 1980, Robin Willians led the Popeye The Sailor Movie, which co-starred Shelley Duvall as the sailor’s quirky love interest, Olive Oyl. Movie critics panned the film, but it has since gained cult status and been critically reconsidered. Guess Who Is Staring In The New Movie Version? The rumor mill has been going wild on this movie. But unreliable sources tell me  Popeye the Sailor Man movie starring Conor McGregor is being prepped for a 2024 release. McGregor just played a supporting role alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the re-make of Road House remake. Connor McGregor told the Independent that the filming schedule was "intense," noting that he was "not sure if [he] will go through it again" on another movie." The FAKE Movie Trailer That Has Everyone Talking With the innovation of AI, movie buffs are creating theatrical movie clips just like the real trailers you see in the theaters. I have to tell you they are so close they even fooled me. I can see where the rumors start. Here is the "FAKE" movie trailer for the new Popeye The Sailor movie https://youtu.be/pRFImT5oi0Q Please note that this video is a concept trailer created solely for artistic and entertainment purposes. They have meticulously incorporated various effects, sound design, AI technologies, movie analytics, and other elements to bring a vision to life. Its purpose is purely artistic, aiming to entertain When Will We Know More Info On The Movie? There have been no further updates on how far along this new Popeye movie is in development, and there is no information on casting, filming, or a release date.

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