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LANTERN: A New Multi-Purpose Arts Hub In Detroit

Many of us Michiganders are still coming down from some incredible local art being displayed at the NFL Draft downtown. But don’t worry, there is still plenty of art to love on in the Motor City. Detroit’s art scene is buzzing with excitement as flagship galleries like Louis Buhl & Co. and Library Street Collective (LSC) inject new energy into Detroit. The duo behind this, Anthony and JJ Curis have been working with the local community creating a wonderful space. One of their projects is the upcoming Shepherd, which is a new skatepark, headquarters, and cultural arts campus. LANTERN Arts Hub Coming To Detroit's Little Village The Curis, husband and wife, teamed up with local stakeholders to unveil LANTERN, another arts hub set to light up Detroit’s Little Village. This new center will serve as the headquarters for non-profits Signal-Return and the Progressive Arts Studio Collective (PASC). Designed by the New York architectural firm OMA, LANTERN will take over a 22,300-square-foot building that used to be a commercial bakery. According to the hub’s website, inside you’ll find 5,300 square feet of affordable artist studios, 4,000 square feet of creative retail space, an art gallery, and a spacious outdoor courtyard with an open-air lobby. “The core of our mission in East Village is focused on creating an inclusive community centered around the arts,” said Anthony Curis. He emphasized the significant roles of PASC and Signal-Return, stating, “We’re thrilled to welcome them to the neighborhood.” PASC and its parent organization, STEP (Services to Enhance Potential), have been a beacon for over 1,300 artists with disabilities, offering programs, workshops, and exhibitions to foster community engagement and education. Meanwhile, Signal-Return is dedicated to preserving and teaching the art of letterpress printing in Detroit. “As we work with the Curises to establish our presence in this growing cultural district, we will expand our mission and our programmatic offerings,” said Lynne Avadenka, Director of Signal Return, outlining plans to increase studio access, artist participation, and market exposure. When does it open? While LANTERN is still in development, art lovers can look forward to the grand opening of Shepherd on Saturday, May 18, featuring a solo exhibition by the late American artist Charles McGee. LANTERN is located at 9301 Kercheval Avenue, Detroit, MI 48214. The design for the mixed-use arts and community project in Detroit was revealed in May 2022. And now, it’s become a reality. Take a closer look at the space on their Instagram page here.

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