Father’s Day

“Someday Never Comes” Creedence And How to Be a Better Dad

"Someday Never Comes" Creedence And How to Be a Better Dad Being a dad I knew would not be easy. I became a father on November 9th, 1999. My daughter Hope was born and my future was changed forever. All things in perspective change. Collecting and buying things becomes less important. Because of this mindset, my nerdy stuff like comics, Magic the Gathering, and miniatures all went up for sale.  I wanted to make sure my daughter had everything she needed and or wanted. And then again in 2014, so many years later, my son Jordu was born. Before we had cousins for my daughter to play with, grandparents to babysit and so much more assistance. Now, in our 30s, we just had another child. Same routine again but much harder. Many things that were so important were sold or left behind. Video games in the middle of the night and numerous date nights, not gonna happen. But I would do those things over and over again to provide my kids with the best I could provide. I've never had a lot of money (or sometimes any), but I've always tried to provide them with what they need and want. This Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Someday Never Comes" makes me think of the things I had to do as a kid and that I never wanted my child to ever feel like that. So being a dad is hard, but it's worth it. You lose some things, but you don't really miss them. Eventually, your kids start liking the things you like or like things you never knew you'd like. You focus more on them so you never have to say to them "Someday Never Comes". I was able to take my daughter to Disney World one time, and promised my son, he'd go to someday. Maybe, but till then I hope to not have to say that to him. John Fogerty laments in the song about the things he wishes he could have done differently. And we all try our best I think. Maybe my dad tried his best and I just missed those nuances. Maybe you had it hard with your dad. But maybe, somewhere they are thinking of you. So maybe while you listen to this song, you can know you've done okay as a dad or know that your dad tried. And if they're not, take that and be the best dad you can be!   Check out these great songs about dads list from my pal Donielle Flynn:[select-listicle listicle_id="776201" syndication_name="14-classic-rock-dad-songs" description="yes"]