Donielle Flynn

Pelvis, The Paczki Elvis makes a paczek (single for paczki) at New Palace Bakery in Hamtramck.

Hamtramck! Congratulations! You are the WCSX City of The Week.  Our travels in Hamtramck include a paczki decorating opportunity with Suzy at New Palace Bakery and Pelvis helps direct traffic.  What could possibly go wrong?  Big thanks to Big Jim and Ryan for letting me “borrow” Pelvis in advance of Paczki Day.  On Paczki Day, look for Pelvis!  He’ll be out delivering fresh paczki from New Palace Bakery.  Scroll down to check out our Hamtramck photos or read on first for our tutorial on paczki making and Pelvis’ notes from Hamtramck!

Pelvis’ Notes From Hamtramck

The suit still fits… kinda!

Hello Motor City! This is Pelvis, The Pazcki Elvis! I wanna start out by thankin’ all my friends at 94.7 WCSX for bringin’ me back to Rock & Paczki one more time! Especially Big Jim and Ryan on the left, AND .. The First Lady of Detroit Rock N Roll RaydeeO, Donielle Flynn! My momma would have been so proud!

Viva Hamtramck!

It was a fine sunny day to meet up with Doni Flynn and visit Ms. Suzy and her expert staff at New Palace Bakery! Time for A Hunka A Hunka Poonchkie Love,Baby !  It was great to be back in the building! My mouth started a waterin’ from the smell of sugar in the air and all the fine cakes, pastries, and cookies! They are all as pretty as they are delicious, too! I was happy to be posin’ for photos with all the lovely ladies on the staff and the ones waitin’ in line..and for our friends at The Detroit Free Press too! (Thursday 2/9 page 4a.. right next to Neal Rubin’s column! Pelvis’ Mmomma would have been so proud!)

Time to make the Pazcki

It was time for Ms. Suzy to teach Doni Flynn and me about how they make the pPazcki – and there’s way more to it than I imagined…there’s a lot of love & soul that goes into it… with all the squirtin’, and a dollopin’, and the shakin’ (I love that part, baby!) and then on to the drizzlin’… with a Honeycomb on top! They T.C.P, Baby ( Take Care of Pazcki ) I wanna thank Ms. Suzy and everybody down at The New Palace Bakery, I wanna thank’em very much!

Thank You, Hamtramck!

I also wanna thank the fine, fine merchants, shoppers, motorists, and pedestrians of downtown Hamtramck, as well as the brave men and women of the Police and Parking Enforcement Departments (for the parking ticket revocation feature on the meter- hope it worked.  Even Pelvis has to pay to park, baby!)  To all the Hamtown residents who kindly welcomed Ol’ Pelvis back to town! They were beepin’ horns and wavin’ as I volunteered to direct the same vehicle traffic I caused!

Happy Pazcki Day, Hamtramck! -Pelvis

Hamtramck Photos With Pelvis

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