Donielle Flynn

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HUZZAH! It’s the Michigan Renaissance Festival 2022!

Welcome to the magical world of fairies, dragons, and wizards. And for this weekend, PUPPIES! And some pirates, but primarily PUPPIES! Oh man, we had a good time at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. While we had a smaller crew than last year, with the rest watching cars on some street, we’re hollering and chewing on beef on a stick! Donielle Flynn, OUR Queen of Rock was there having a blast as she always does. Check out Doni’s post on her experience at the Ren Fest. Pictures provided by the rapscallions, the WCSX promotions crew. And if you didn’t get a chance to go this weekend, there are plenty of other great themed weekends and we are giving away tickets all season.

PS: I am going to try my best to not make ANY jokes….I’ll REALLY TRY!