WCSX Cider Mill Madness

Paint Creek Cider Mill in Rochester

Paint Creek Cider Mill is one of the newer players with historical roots. The current business has been around for the last ten years, but the original mill dates back to the 1800s.  Their cider comes from apples on their family-owned farm in Northern Michigan, Red Jack Cider Mill.  They also bring back pumpkins every year from the farm and have them available on site!  You can also get a slice of their seasonal blueberry zucchini bread!

Paint Creek Cider Mill History

Built in 1835, using water power from the millrace, the original structure was a gristmill. It remained a gristmill through most of its history. In 1945, Dale O. Miller bought the property with hopes of restoring the old gristmill and producing water-powered electricity. Unfortunately, the building was in rough shape.  Miller harvested pieces of the original mill and used them to create a cider mill.

Timbers saved from the original gristmill were used throughout the new building. They also added an 1890s Edison bipolar dynamo generator and a Fitz waterwheel for water-powered electricity. The mill opened in the 1960s, selling fresh cider and donuts. Paint Creek Cider Mill Restaurant opened in the wheel room in 1983. The waterwheel was restored ten years after.  The current establishment has been a part of Rochester since 2012.  Their slogan is, “Come for the donuts, stay for the food.”  They’re also known for their BBQ and scratch-made food. They offer scratch-made Biscuits and Gravy and Louisiana Jambalaya.

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