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Paul Rogers on stage at DTE in July of 2018: The Stars Align Tour

Paul Rodgers‘s birthday is December 17th. In honor of Paul’s birthday, I reached out to Detroit photographer, Ken Settle. I asked if he had any photos or stories to share. Read on for a great secondhand story from Ken Settle involving Paul Rodgers and Seger. You can also scroll down to see some of Ken Settle’s photos of Paul Rodgers from two of his tour stops in Detroit: 1985 at Joe Loius and 2018 at Pine Knob (DTE).

Ken Settle Relates The Story of Paul Rodgers and Seger

Here is a cool story that original Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band drummer, Charlie Martin, once told me:

Seger and the band were out in L.A. in May of 1974 doing five nights at The Whiskey A Go Go. They were staying at the infamous Hyatt House.  Known in the music industry as the “Riot House,” The Hyatt House got its reputation from the boisterous behavior of the many rock bands who stayed there. The Hyatt House was booked to the rafters with rock’n’roll bands at that time. Led Zeppelin was in town announcing their brand new record label, Swan Song Records.

It Started In an Elevator

Young Charlie Martin got on an elevator with a bunch of long-haired dudes from England. One of the English guys asked Charlie, “What band do you play with”? Charlie told him,  “Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.”

“Oh yes…Bob Seger,” the gentleman replied. Charlie asked the fella “Who do you play with?” The guy responded, “A new band called Bad Company. We are on Swan Song.” Charlie responded “Oh yeah…great…I love Paul Rodgers. Say…what instrument do you play”? The guy responded, “I’m Paul Rodgers.”

Charlie felt a bit embarrassed and flustered, but he quickly recovered and said, “Hey, we are doing five nights at The Whiskey. Why don’t you guys come down to the show.” Paul responded, “Very cool. We will try and make it down there.”

Paul Rodgers and Seger On Stage

Seger, Charlie, and the rest of the Silver Bullets got to the gig and were knocked out when Paul Rodgers and Bad. Co. bassist, Boz Burrell were in the house! Seger invited Paul Rodgers to come up and sing with the band. Paul jumped up on the stage ready to show off those impressive pipes of his! Seger quickly turned to the band and said, “OK guys….’Midnight Hour’,” and Bob Seger, The Silver Bullet Band, and Paul Rodgers positively set the night ablaze! After Seger and the band were done with their show at The Whiskey, they all convened back at the Riot House. Paul Rodgers, Boz, and the rest of Bad Company joined Bob Seeger & The Silver Bullet Band to jam old blues and R&B tunes on acoustic guitars and party late into the wee hours of the morning!

Thanks for the story, Ken!  As I have said many times, you are my favorite curator of Detroit’s Rock and Roll history!

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