Donielle Flynn

Doni picked a great place for you at Smugglers Run in Wyandotte. See what we did there, Joel?

THE DOT!  Congratulations to Wyandotte!  You are the WCSX City of The Week!  We love Wyandotte… even if not everyone says it properly.  Many of those that live there prefer the pronunciation of “WINE-DOT,” rather than “why-en-dot.”  However you prefer to say it, The Dot ROCKS!

Smugglers Run

We rolled into Smugglers Run.  The place is HUGE!  We wanted to scope things out for the Saturday night show for Slaughter (March 25th, 2023).  Joe. Will (our videographer) and I couldn’t believe how BIG Smugglers Run is.  It’s also really lux.  The VIP suites are well-decorated, private, clean, and well-put-together.

Jeff Travers has owned Smugglers Run since 2018 and he’s done nothing but invest back into the club.  He’s creating a real showpiece venue for downriver. One of the things I really love about this venue is its attention to detail.  For the Slaughter show, they even customized the menu to reflect Slaughter song titles!  I know the band and the audience will love this.

There are still a few tickets left for Slaughter.  CLICK HERE to find out more.  I also recently had a conversation with Mark Slaughter.  You can listen to our chat, plus history and pictures of the band HERE.  Check out our video from inside Smugglers Run:

Firehouse Pub

The City of the Week crew stopped by Firehouse Pub!  Firehouse Pub came in second in the WCSX Chili Bowl bracket.  Joel LOVES chili and wanted to try it out.  Joel loved the Firehouse Pub chili.  He said, “I can’t pick out exactly the different notes, but the chili is delicious.  It’s spicy, but not overwhelming.”

I love the story behind Firehouse Pub.  Both Wyandotte and St. Clair Shores locations are owned by Smitty, Box, and Big Cat.  Three guys that had spent more than 20 years a piece fighting fires decided to give themselves a “backup plan.”  Together they opened Firehouse Pub in St. Clair Shores and a few years later, in Wyandotte (it’s located right next to the Wyandotte Firehouse).  I spoke to one of the owners, Jeff, about the pub and its history.  He said, “For three idiots that run into burning buildings, we do pretty well.”

Special shout out to morning KM Robert Thomas… he made the chili. 🙂

Wyandotte – The City of the Week 2023 Photos

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