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Submitted by Sue Burke

What are your favorite ornaments?

I asked you that question a couple of years ago and the response was phenomenal.  Now every year, I scroll through this gallery looking at these little jewels and it is chicken soup for the soul.  Thanks to everyone who has shared and I hope to see new ones this year!  Your pictures inspired me to search out some rock and roll flare for my tree at work!  Check it out:
Doni's Rock and Roll Christmas Tree

Doni’s Rock and Roll Christmas Tree with ornaments

I accidentally doubled up on AC/DC and Grateful Dead… lol.  I bought a couple at Bronners and a couple online.  As long as I was looking, I put together a list of 12 Rockin’ Ornaments I found on the web and shared my research.  I LOVE these ornaments! You can check them out when you CLICK HERE.
My favorite from our home is this homemade dog ornament.  My sister, Mary, makes different intarsia (style of woodcraft) pieces for my kids each Christmas. I know the kids will want them for their own trees one day, but in the meantime, they are 100% my favorite. She signs and dates each one and has been doing it for the last seven years!
Scroll down to share a pic of your favorite ornament and check out the ones WCSX listeners have shared.  I love the stories behind them too! Merry Christmas! – Doni

WCSX Listener Ornaments