Some people decorate their tree a certain way. Some people have a family cookie day. For me, I love to watch a bunch of Mystery Science Theater 3000 movies. If you are not familiar, MST3K, for short, is a show started in 1988 by Joel Hodgson. The premise is Joel, and his robot pals, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot are forced to watch some of the worst movies ever made. The series has ran with several different hosts and has been on various cable channels and just recently on NetFlix. You can watch the shows in various ways including streaming with Peacock, YouTube and the newest episodes on Netflix.

Here are some of episodes (FULL EPISODES ON YouTUBE!), in no particular order, I highly recommend this holiday season:

  • Episode 521: Santa Claus

    What better movie to start the holiday with? A bizarre take on Santa Claus. And the entire movie is on YouTube!

  • Episode 820: Space Mutiny

    Big McLargehuge! Space Mutiny is a sci-fi adventure with a captain who looks like Santa! What big beefy names can you come up with? Whole movie is on YouTube again!

  • Episode 312: Gamera Vs Guiron

    There’s something special about these old giant monster movies. No, it’s not Godzilla, it’s Gamera…a flying turtle that shoots flames out of his shell holes! Free on YouTube! Side note: I am still broken hearted that my in-laws threw away a Gamera slot machine 🙁

  • Episode 301: Cave Dwellers

    I’m still working out trying to get the main character’s look. Maybe someday I’ll look that beefy…..Cave Dwellers is hard to explain other than it just being some disjointed fantasy tale. Free on YouTube, lucky you!

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