Deep into winter with storms incoming, what better time to bunker down and watch some movies? With streaming movies and theatre only movies, we have plenty of films to entertain us while the snow falls. And with Valentines on the way, there are plenty of Romcoms. Oddly, though, there are a ton of horror movies also. It’s hard to wait for October anymore for a good scare. Here are some of the upcoming movies:

  • Jackass Forever

    What’s more romantic than seeing Johnny Knoxville and his crew trying to not die on film? Not much I say! The ageing pranksters go for another round this February 4th.

  • Marry Me

    I guess there should be an ACTUAL romantic comedy in this list. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez star in this rom-com. J.Lo, a famous pop star gets dumped, acts impulsive and marries a random guy, Owen Wilson. The rest writes itself. The love hits the screen on February 11th.

  • Uncharted

    Another video game to film transition. I am not a big fan of video game to movie adaptions, but I am willing to take a shot at any movie. And this one has Spiderman himself, Tom Holland! And the action looks pretty intense! The release date is set for February 18th.

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    I love horror movies, but TCM never was on the top of my charts. But this new trailer for Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre looks good! The scene in the sunflowers is both disturbing and just graphically cool! The chainsaw begins revving on February 18th on Netflix.

  • Studio 666

    The Foo Fighters need a remote location to revitalize their music for their 10th album. And what better location than a historic mansion with a deep rock & roll past. But unfortunately, this mansion appears to be packed with supernatural forces. Forces that both threaten the album and Dave Grohl’s soul! Release date February 25th.

    Did you check out all the movies and shows that came out in January?

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