He could probably use some suggestions for hangover cures (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
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Let me guess…you had an epic night with friends that turned into a hangover the next morning which is why you are here reading this article looking for hangover cures. But how did you get here to Hangoverland? You may not remember all of the details, so let me fill you in.

There you were, at your friends bachelor/bachelorette party ready to hang out with your friends and ready to be a party animal. Respectfully of course. The night starts off slow with a quirky-named drink as you carry on conversations with your friends. Everything is great, but the next thing you know you’re celebrating with a round of shots. With each sip, you seem to become a better dancer, an even better comedian, and a better selfie photographer than Kim Kardashian. Well, at least in your own mind.

Hours flew by entertaining all of your friends and now you are a few drinks in singing karaoke along with the bars jukebox sounding like a dying cat, but having the best time. Right about then, time slaps you in the face and it’s closing time. You say goodbye to your friends and get into an Uber waiting just outside the bar for you. Next thing you know you’re face down on your bed, makeup and clothes still on and it’s lights out. And then the sun cracks through your window you open your eyes and suddenly are filled with regret. You have the biggest hangover ever. Your head is basically throbbing like a toddler is playing the drums on your head.

Hangover Remedies People Swear By

Okay well, maybe that’s not exactly what happened on your adventure, but no matter what happened here you are in the same boat; feeling super icky, ready to have a date with the porcelain God, and reading this article trying to cancel that hangover date. We’ve scoured the internet for remedies that some people swear by. Check out the list of hangover cures below and see if any can help relieve that toddler’s band finale in your head.

***DISCLAIMER*** Please drink responsibly. If you need a ride around the holiday and have been drinking be sure to give AAA a call. They will provide safe transportation for you and your vehicle. Details here

  • Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary's ready to go! Full of tomato juice and basically everything else you can think of. Should cure a hangover.

    They aren’t for everyone, but if you know you know. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

    Now I can enjoy a Bloody Mary any time of the day! Especially with a hangover. Reddit user kyakat0214 also said “Believe it or not, a spicy Bloody Mary. Used to get me right”. So I guess I am not the only one. Apparently, according to Hill Street, the reason a Blood Mary is good for a hangover is because of the sodium content in combination with the vegetable base. They say it will calm your stomach and replaced much needed electrolytes and vitamins.

    Never made one before? Check out this cool glass that lists the perfect recipe.

    hangover whiskey glass

  • Pickle Juice

    Pickle juice can be good for hangovers!

    Pickle Juice works for some people! (Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

    Reddit user PeeGlass says their go to cure is a shot of pickle juice before bed. According to Healthline, pickle juice has both sodium and potassium which are both lost when drinking alcohol so you could replace those with the juice. I will definitely put this on my list of possible cures.

  • Liquid IV

    Liquid IV is a great go-to option to try to cure a hangover

    Liquid IV is a popular choice. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for American Express Platinum)

    Reddit user Tucker58859 says that their go-to cure is Liquid IV which is a packet of powered electrolytes that you add to water, is her go-to. This seems simple enough to do! I think I’ll try this as well.

  • McDonald's Coke & Breakfast Sandwich

    McDonald's breakfast is a great option for trying to cure a hangover

    You can’t go wrong with McDonald’s breakfast… (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Now, my Digital Program Director Cort Freeman says this is his go-to cure. Apparently McDonald’s food for a hangover is a thing. So if their breakfast sandwiches aren’t your thing, head over to this Reddit thread to see what on their menu also works for people.

  • Exercise

    Running and exercise could be a hangover cure

    Getting active could cure or help your hangover (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

    According to VeryWellFit.com exercise has its benefits in helping your hangover. They say it can get the blood pumping increasing circulation and release endorphins. They do suggest sticking to gentle workouts like yoga, stretching, walking etc. to avoid becoming further hydrated So no matter how you feel, get up and get moving even if its just a little bit!

  • Lemons on Your Armpits

    A whole bunch of lemons. Lemons can be useful as a hangover remedy

    Lemons! They could be useful for hangovers… (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

    Yes, you read that right! According to Oaks & Corks, its custom in Puerto Rico to rub lemons on your armpits before going out to combat dehydration! Would you try this?

  • Prairie Oyster Cocktail

    Drinking raw eggs can help a hangover. This guy is doing it

    He knows what’s up (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

    This cocktail hangover cure remedy does not include liquor despite its name! According to Atlas Obscura , it does include raw eggs, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, and more. You can check out the full recipe here. Can you stomach raw eggs? I’m not sure about that for me!

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