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Happy Birthday, Faygo! According to WXYZ, Faygo celebrates its 115th anniversary today, November 4th. Faygo was launched on November 4th, 1907. Per Tabletmag.com, the company was started by two Jewish immigrants named Feigenson in Detroit. In 1921, they shortened their name from Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works to Faygo in an attempt to better sell the soda.

The original flavors of the soda, fruit punch, strawberry, and grape were based on cake frosting flavors the Feigensons used in Russia. In 1934, Faygo made a brief attempt at adding beer to their roster. Then in 1940 they created their famous shield logo and added more flavors and refined their root beer flavor.

You may have had a conversation with out-of-towners about why we call soda, pop. Faygo is the reason for this. They started calling their drink pop because of the sound the top made.

The limited supply of one of Faygo’s newest flavors, Firework, created a market of high prices on eBay. Some prices exceeded $13 for one bottle. I haven’t tried it, but I don’t know if I would pay that much for one soda.

In pop culture, Faygo has been a mainstay for the Insane Clown Posse. Everyone knows someone that’s a “Juggalo” or is one themselves. While ICP has had their share of issues, and Faygo distances themselves from the band, ICP has not stopped supporting Faygo.

Here are a few more things you may not have known about FAYGO per thrillist.com:

  • Only in Michigan

    The reason Faygo was only in Michigan at first was that it had a limited shelf life. In the 1950s, chemists were able to solve this limited shelf life.

  • Just a little move

    In 1935 they moved their operations from Pingree Street to 3579 Gratiot Ave. They are still making Faygo in that location today.

  • The Faygo Kid

    Faygo had numerous catchy ads like the Faygo Kid and the Boblo Boat Commercial. The song in the Boblo Boat commercial was made into a record. 

  • It's REDPOP!

    Strawberry Soda became known as Redpop in the 1960s.

  • What's your favorite Faygo flavor?

    There are 50 plus flavors of Faygo, but the top five for Michigan are 1. Cola, 2. Moon Mist, 3. Orange, 4. Redpop, 5. Root Beer.

  • A shower with Faygo

     Insane Clown Posse made “Faygo Showers” a thing. Now used at every show. 

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