As temperatures drop from Arctic winds, how do you keep your car running? WXYZ and AAA have some tips on how to keep your car going all
through winter and beyond. And here are the seven tips:

  • 1. Battery

    Have your battery tested to make sure it’s fully charged and functional.

  • 2. Gas

    Keep the gas always at half full to prevent gas line freeze ups.

  • 3. Windshield Washer Fluid

    Always use fluid that has winter solvent so it doesn’t freeze.

  • 4. Engine Coolant

    Use a coolant with anti-freeze protection.

  • 5. Vehicle Storage

    Try to park in a garage whenever possible.

  • 6. Car doors

    Keep them from freezing! Keep a plastic between the window/door and the frame.

  • 7. Car Wash

    Postpone till temperatures are above freezing.