Bob Seger Boulevard

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Stories from and by Bob Seger, in a podcast originating from his hometown - somewhere between Main Street and Katmandu.

Ep 4 Bob Seger in Dallas (plus Alice Cooper and Bret Michaels)

Took a little road trip to Dallas to see the tour before it hits Detroit -- Bob talking about everything from "Like A Rock" to what he's planning on doing after the tour (he'll have something in common with Adam Sandler). Plus we asked Alice Cooper and Bret Michaels what Seger song they'd cover...interesting answers.

Ep 3 - Steve Winwood, Michael Bolton and Glenn Frey's Mom?

We start off with a classic TV interview featuring Bob in 1976 (great insight into his musical influences), then it's Mickey Thomas of Starship picking a Seger song to cover - Michael Bolton and his connection to Bob, Steve Winwood and the Bob Seger song reference, then finally a great story from Bob about Glenn…

Steve Perry - Steve Lukather - Joe and a Moose in studio

I have to admit that in 20 plus years of radio I've NEVER ran into an artist that doesn't love Bob Seger. So when we ask them what Seger song they'd love to cover, there's always a quick answer. This episode includes Steve Perry talking about what song he'd do, plus what Journey song Bob…