“Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and 5 Other Tribute Songs

Syd Barrett passed away 12 years ago today (July 7), and besides being Pink Floyd’s founding guitarist/frontman, one of his other biggest contributions to the band’s history is serving as the inspiration to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” an epic and favorite among fans the world over.

Late AC/DC Guitarist Honored With Signature Guitar

The rock world may have lost AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, but his legacy will live on through their music and now with a signature guitar from Gretsch. The Malcolm Young Signature Jet pays tribute to Young's own Jet, nicknamed "The Beast." Gretsch's model features "DIY" pickup routes with simulated screw holes, chrome switch plugs, a…

8 Rock Albums That Had Hard Acts To Follow

Aerosmith’s Rocks was released 42 years ago today (May 3), and in its own right, it’s a classic album, but it certainly had a lot to live up to considering it was released a little over a year after Toys in the Attic.  

5 Classic Debut Albums Panned By 'Rolling Stone'

AC/DC's debut album High Voltage was released 42 years ago today (April 30.)  The album features some of the band's biggest fan favorites, including "T.N.T." and "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)," but those pesky critics at Rolling Stone didn't think too highly of the Aussie's debut effort.

AC/DC teaming up with Axl Rose

The two rock super-brands are joining forces. AC/DC is replacing Brian Johnson on lead vocals with the Guns N Roses superstar. They'll be recording new music together and touring together. And Axl Rose will be continuing with Guns N Roses. The bands will also be touring together.