5 Non-Beatles Songs Produced By George Martin

Legendary producer Sir George Martin would’ve turned 93 today (January 3), and while he is best known for his work with The Beatles, Martin worked with countless other artists in his incredible career. Here’s a five non-Beatles track sampling of from his astounding career.


On This Day in 1965... Did You Know? Paul McCartney, who spent the day after Christmas with his family while The Beatles were taking the holidays off, was injured in a mo-ped accident that left him with a badly cut lip.

Break-In At Paul McCartney's Home

The last time there was a break-in at Paul McCartney's home, we got the song "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window." Perhaps this latest incident will prompt some more great music from the former Beatle. According to several reports, thieves made their way into McCartney's St John's Wood home on the evening of December…

Paul McCartney Reveals John Lennon's Fear

Many of us worry about how we'll be remembered after we're gone and it turns out that John Lennon was no different, despite being one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. Paul McCartney made this revelation Sunday night on 60 Minutes in a wide-ranging interview as part of the promotion for the former…


On This Day in 1969... Did You Know? The "Paul Is Dead" controversy gets underway when an Illinois college newspaper runs an article with the headline "Clues Hint at Beatle Death." The piece cites the Sgt. Pepper album cover and the line "I buried Paul," which John Lennon would later claim is "I'm very bored," in the fadeout of "Strawberry Fields Forever."