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113. People Helping People -Sarah G (HELPED)

Sarah G *Has Been Helped*   My little family needs help this year.  My husband is a full time college employee,  as well as a part time paramedic/firefighter.   He injured his back at a car fire in early July, and has been off of work from that job since then.  The workers comp pay has been keeping us afloat, which in itself is a blessing.   We have two 13 year old twins who are struggling greatly with virtual learning.  They haven't been to school in person since March.  They both have anxiety, and our daughter also has a developmental coordination disorder. They have been so miserable at home, struggling with school. All of this is manageable for us, until we had to take our dog in for emergency surgery last weekend.  Thank goodness we were able to come up with the money to pay for it, but that $1000 was our Christmas money for the kids.  We're not a family who regularly asks for help. To the contrary, my husband has worked every Christmas eve at the fire department since we've been together.   We take children of our friends holiday shopping, so that the single mom gets a break and the kids can gift her something.   Thank you,

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