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Quite often during this time of year we come across friends and neighbors who are struggling & may need just a little bit of help to get them through the holiday season.

With the support of Mother Waddles,  People Helping People is our way assisting those families who may have fallen through the cracks of agencies that could normally help out. Our goal is to match up friends and neighbors in need with friends and neighbors who can help

If you know of a family in need this holiday season please nominate them below and if you want to help out, look below to see if there are services or items you can donate to help out said needy families…

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If you would like to help, read the stories below and
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100. People Helping People: Julie

Name: Julie City: Huron I have three children, 4yrs, 12yrs 14yrs old on dec 13th. I am a single mother the children's father is in prison they havent seen him in a few yrs. I work part time at goodwill. But with Bill's this Christmas along with isaiah's birthday isnt looking to bright. Anything for…

ASSISTANCE OFFERED - 97. People Helping People: Angela

Name: Angela City: Eastpointe Single mom of a beautiful girl and two autistic sons that escaped domestic abuse. I use to be healthy enough to run our non profit Colts Camelot theraputic riding program but suffer from many health conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Ptsd due to abuse and can no longer work. Asking for…

94. People Helping People: Cindy

Name: Cindy City: Clinton Township My parents move down to South Lyon last year so my dad could find work. Well he found work, but due to the early snow he has not been working much so they have been struggling with paying there gas and light bill along with there rent. Any help would…

91. People Helping People: Elizabeth

Name: Elizabeth City: Whales Requesting car assistance for a family of 6 – this family never asks for help but they are in need. The mother of the family has a condition where she is stuck in a scooter, so the father works his tail off to provide for the family. I know their oldest…