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Quite often during this time of year we come across friends and neighbors who are struggling & may need just a little bit of help to get them through the holiday season.

People Helping People is our way assisting those families who may have fallen through the cracks of agencies that could normally help out. Our goal is to match up friends and neighbors in need with friends and neighbors who can help

If you know of a family in need this holiday season please nominate them below and if you want to help out, look below to see if there are services or items you can donate to help out said needy families…

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To participate, either click the button below to request help, or review the stories below and then click offer help once you have found an individual that you can help.

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88. NEEDED: Christmas Help

She and her son were removed from their apartment due to black mold. They are going to lose all there furniture, and a lot of their clothing, shoes and toys. I am doing what I can to help this family out but they could sure use more help as her son won’t have a decent…

84. NEEDED: Food/ Financial Assistance

This family has been struggling for a long time now. They have medical issues in the family. Always have helped everybody else and now they have fallen on hard times. Already behind on house payments, electric and cable as far as I know. I know that they are in need of bill payments and food…

83. NEEDED: Food/ Financial Assistance

We are having tough time with medical issues and this is causing a problem with bills and food. Having to make the choice to eat or pay a bill. We are a family of 6, which makes this very hard. Location: Lake Orion To help with this need, click here and reference post number 83.

82. NEEDED: Financial Assistance

MOTHER OF 5 LOST ALL PLEASE HELP ...landlord didn't pay water bill for 3 years. The water company took pipes and ruined the house, flooding it. Bottom line we lost all. I have 5 kids and no help.  I lost all their records so I don’t have proper car...our house needs repairs. We have…

81. HELPED: Home Repairs

She has had a tough life losing both parents and her brother before graduating high school. For the past several years her body has been slowly giving out. After many tests she has been diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular dystrophy. There is no cure or treatment and gets worse after time. She got married to…

80. NEEDED: Christmas Help

She & her husband together have 6 kids. Times are hard. She is working part time and he is looking for a job. They could use some Christmas cheer for the kids. They are very proud people & will not ask for help. Location: Roseville To help with this need, click here and reference post…

78. NEEDED: Financial Assistance

My wife and two children were basically thrown out of our apartment due to the number of our kids on July 30th. We had to be out by September 22nd and we have a total of 4 kids. My wife and I get visitations with two of them and two of the other kids live…

77. NEEDED: Financial Assistance

I just went through a very long messy divorce that left me beyond broke. I have my five children living with me ages 6 through 15. I am having a difficult time keeping the lights on. Just started a new job but am still behind in rent, gas and electric. Have received shut off notices…

76. NEEDED: Financial Assistance/ Food

Hi, I’m a single 47 year old disabled female living alone in Redford. I have 2 dogs. I’m behind on my rent and car payment. I have zero money for food. I was denied Medicaid and assistance. Any help would be appreciated. For myself or my dogs. Thank you. Location: Redford To help with this…