Ed And Marc Of Haunt Investigators Of Michigan On This Episode Of Haunted Michigan Download

31:12 Download September 25th, 2023

On this installment of Haunted Michigan, I speak with Ed K. and Marc O. from the Haunt Investigators Of Michigan.

We started out by talking about some of their paranormal experiences as a child in southeast Michigan. They formed their group in 2012 while on a trip to Salem, Massachusetts.

As far as local places they’ve investigated the most, they said it was The Whitney. They’ve been there several times. Marc told the story of a presentation they did, where they saw a dark shadow mass standing in a room, and voice responding to a question they asked.

Ed told a crazy story of an encounter he had there in carriage house, sitting at Grace’s table. He said this particular interaction last up to five minutes! They explained the story of Grace’s table, which is really interesting.

They also told some great stories surrounding Fort Wayne down in Detroit. “Lot of class A EVP’s, I’ve had women get their hair pulled” is what Ed said about some of the evidence they’ve gathered there. Marc tells the story of an amazing encounter in the halls of the schoolhouse on the grounds. He tells the story of his X-Cam falling off a table, which couldn’t have been possible from where the camera was positioned. They tried recreating the occurrence, but to no avail. “It is by far and away the creepiest building in al of Fort Wayne” Ed said of the schoolhouse. He went on to tell another story of a black mass he chased around a room there.

How about local celebrities they’ve investigated with? Well, a non-believing hockey Hall of Famer did just that with them. He might be a believer now.

They also brought up Eloise in Westland. This place gets brought up a lot. Marc talked of hearing slamming doors, and more. 

A big Thank You to the guys for coming by the studio and talking about their experiences. 




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