Haunted Michigan Author To Appear At The South Lyon Hotel Download

33:55 Download October 11th, 2023

All I can say is, WOW! What an episode of Haunted Michigan. Retired Rev, Gerry Hunter joins me to discuss all things paranormal. Ironically enough, he has a book series titled, Haunted Michigan, so he’s the perfect guest!

We start by talking about his experience. He didn’t get into this recently, he’s had a fascination with this kind of stuff since he was a child, living in an actual haunted house in Brooklyn, Michigan. He tells me about things he’s seen there, and about his upbringing in that old farmhouse. 

He tells me about an experience he had at the Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo. I’ve stayed there and nothing happened that I noticed, but that place is crazy. 

Gerry will be hosting a Ghost Story Dinner on Monday, October 16th at the South Lyon Hotel. Let’s just say that he’s no stranger to events that have taken place there. He told me a story that literally had the hair on my arms standing up. It may be one of the craziest stories I’ve heard doing this series, and there are pictures to back it up! 

Gerry also talked about his investigation of the Seul Choix lighthouse in Gulliver, in the U.P.. Wait until you hear the story of what he heard there while climbing the stairs at that location!

A huge Thank You to Gerry for agreeing to come on the show. I’ll see you guys on Monday at the South Lyon Hotel. 



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