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Angelo's On The Side (left) and Angelo's (right) Angelo's is closing in Ann Arbor: December 2023

It’s the end of an era.  Angelo’s is closing in Ann Arbor.  I read about this initially on and (Detroit Free Press). Word has spread like butter on Angelo’s famous raisin toast.  Angelo’s is closing after nearly 70 years of being a delicious part of the Ann Arbor landscape.  I stopped in at Angelo’s for breakfast after Over Easy this weekend to see if I could find out more about what was going on. “Angelo’s” by Dick Seigel has been the closing song on Over Easy since its inception (to the best of my knowledge).

“Eggs over easy, hashbrowns, and you
We’ll have coffee, sausage, and hot buttered toast
Yes, this breakfast is really the most”

Angelo’s: Family-Owned And Run

Angelo’s is mostly family-run.  The staff that isn’t family is still like family.  Angelo’s has an amazing reputation for next to ZERO turnover.  I spoke to our server, Jim.  Jim has been a server at Anelo’s for 23 years.  Jim is also a preschool teacher, but he has always kept his side job at Angelo’s because “the money is insane” and they have treated him well.  I waited tables back in college.  After you’ve been a server, you NEVER stop noticing the service at restaurants.  One of the first things I saw at Angelo’s: ALL of their servers were moving and extremely good at their jobs. 

I wanted to speak with people more, but everyone was working so hard, I didn’t want to get in the way of their jobs.  I also had a ton of respect for the job they were doing and didn’t want to interfere, but I did manage to get a little intel.

Who Owns Angelo’s?

Stephen Vangelatos grew up in Angelo’s.  His parents were the original owners. According to Stephen, his dad bought the property in 1954 for $6,000… strangely enough from another man named Angelo (he had an ice cream parlor on the property also called “Angelo’s”).  Now, at age 65, Stephen has sold the property (Angelo’s and the bakery Angelo’s On The Side) to The University of Michigan for 4.5 million dollars.  Angelo’s final day open as a restaurant is December 23rd, 2023.

Why Was Angelo’s Sold?

Before you get mad about this establishment’s closing, know that Stephen approached UofM about selling. Stephen is 65 and he’s worked 7 days a week in the name of Angelo’s since the time he started working.  He’s run Angelo’s since 1980.  I can’t fault someone for working hard, wanting to enjoy their retirement, and taking care of their family.

Angelo’s Is Closing In Ann Arbor… So What Will Happen To The Property?

The RUMOR… I have it on pretty good authority, but again it is a rumor, that UofM will use the property for a parking structure.  I know, “Big Yellow Taxi” from Joni Mitchell instantly fills our heads. HOLD UP… you should know that they have expanded the UofM medical facilities in the neighborhood and there is not enough parking for staff.  Many of the medical staff get BUSSED in from another location in order to get to work.  UofM already owns the property adjacent to Angelo’s.  It makes a lot of sense.  I’m not judging or telling you how to feel, but I thought that info was important.

Additionally, the properties are over 100 years old.  There are some pretty significant issues that need to be repaired if the buildings are left standing.  As much as I went to Angelo’s hoping that I’d hear that UofM wants to keep it a restaurant, there’s not much (if any) hope of that happening.

Sam is one of Stephen’s nephews.  He also works at Angelo’s (along with his mom, Vicky, Stephen’s sister).  After the news broke, Sam told me that Angelo’s shirts sold out online within 24 hours.  Even on-site, they only had a few smalls left. Sam also said Dick Seigel had stopped into Angelo’s last week!  I was bummed to have missed the author of our famous Over Easy closing song.  Check out “Angelo’s” by Dick Seigel and scroll down for pictures.

It was a delicious meal at Angelo’s (guess what I ordered) and the service really was tops.

Angelo’s – Take A Look at a Part of Our History

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