Donielle Flynn

You're trash, Ryan! Doni wrapped Ryan's desk and office space in tin foil. Best office prank!

What makes the “best” office prank?  To me, it has to be funny, but not mean.  A good office prank absolutely can NOT destroy property.  For an office prank to land well, you must know your coworker for a while.  Reading the room is extremely important in any life scenario.  I love this office prank because you don’t take anything, it doesn’t hurt anything but it does have that “WOW” factor. lol

What’s The Most Famous Office Prank?

I think the number one answer would be from The OfficeJim submersing Dwight’s stapler in jello was an iconic moment in the show.  “The Office” was originally a UK show with Ricky Gervais (Ricky created, wrote, and directed the show) as Michael Scott.  Check out both of these videos to see just how much the American version was patterned after the UK original: right down to wardrobe!

The jello gag doesn’t completely work for me.  Ryan gets into work way before me.  I can’t leave the jello out for him from the afternoon until morning or the jello will start to melt.  Also, I don’t like the idea of taking his office supplies without his knowledge.   To do the stapler gag, I’d have to take his stapler home.

Why The Foil Prank is The Best

Wrapping everything in foil is the best office prank because it meets all of our previously established criteria AND it only has one ingredient: tin foil.  Is it time-consuming?  A little bit.  I definitely had to stay late in order to have time to properly wrap Ryan’s office space.  The beauty of the tin foil is that you don’t need hardly any tape… which worked out well because I did use the last of Ryan’s tape while doing this. Thank God, I was able to get by with just the end of his roll.

Attention to detail is also a must.  I wrapped everything including the loose coins Ryan had on his desk.  We shot a time-lapse video to give you an idea of the process.  I hope the pictures speak a thousand words.  Here’s a video of Ryan’s reaction and my time-lapse video of wrapping Ryan’s Office.

PS: Ryan jacked with me first.

Ryan’s Office Pictures

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