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Bob Seger photos courtesy of Capital Records and Tom Weschler

May 6th is Bob Seger’s birthday.  Every year, in celebration of Bob, his music, and his legacy, Big Jim’s House holds court over SEGER DE MAYO: all Bob Seger music and conversation on the Friday closest to Bob’s birthday.  We’ve got some amazing Bob Seger photos from our Detroit photographers, Tom Weschler, Ken Settle, and Frank Pettis.

Ken Settle’s pictures of Bob Seger go all the way back to the Rock and Roll Farm (now US-12) in Wayne!  he was a teenager when he was coming into the Rock and Roll Farm to photograph shows! #oldschool

Tom Weschler has an amazing history with Bob Seger.  He has toured with Seger and has a bunch of cool stage and backstage photos.

Frank Pettis has a great early photo of Seger adding to the mix.

Thanks to all three Detroit Photographers for allowing us to share these photos with all of our WSCX friends and family.  Happy Birthday, Bob!

Bob Seger Photos