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Congratulations to the city of Belleville! City of the Week with WCSX!

I love going to Belleville.  When I drive across the bridge, I feel like I’ve just left the mainland and I’m on an island.  I’ve been to Belleville many times. One of my favorite places to visit is the Yankee Air Museum.  I didn’t have time to stop in this time around but CLICK HERE if you’d like to check out previous City of The Week photos from the museum.  City of Belleville!  Congratulations!  You are the WCSX City of The Week!

The OG Belleville

First I drove down Main Street and stopped by a couple of shops that have been in Belleville for a long time. Stacy and Mela at Garden Fantasy On Main were super nice.  The shop has BEAUTIFUL fresh flowers and smells so good.  Check out Belleville’s Ladies’ Night on the third Thursday of every month!

Next, I stopped by Frost Boy. Frosty Boy has been a part of Belleville since 1955.  It was hot today and Frost Boy had a line… a line that I totally stood in because I wanted some ice cream.  I got a blizzard-type shake with hot fudge, caramel, and pecans with vanilla ice cream.  It’s called “The Turtle” and it is/was delicious.  #nodiet

New Belleville

Belleville has had a lot of new construction in the past few years.  We always loved going to The Lunch Box but that location is now a brand new plaza of shops (don’t worry… The Lunch Box is now in Dearborn Heights). I stopped in at Gloria Jean Cafe and Bakery and met the owner, Dawn Majewski.  Dawn named the shop after her mother.  They’ve got a great selection of treats, baked goods, and bread which they make in-house.  They also use the fresh bread for their sandwiches.

My next pop-in was The Butcher Shop. I spoke with Jourdain Blair.  She and her brother, Austin Nash (such a great name) run the shop with their dad, Jim Nash.  The family prides themselves on their meats and their shop being fresh and clean.  It is.  I walked in and it smelled fresh and clean.  It did not smell like meat.  It was impressive.

Here’s some video I caught in Belleville inside The Butcher Shop:

My last stop was The Bait Shop.  The restaurant/bar has a nice atmosphere and a decent-sized stage.  I met Chris and Sandy who work at The Bait Shop.  Chris told me they have live music Wednesday through Saturday.  Artists are mostly (but not all) country music-related.  The Bait Shop is also family-owned and run.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from my most recent adventures in Belleville!  Thanks to all for their hospitality!

City of Belleville: City of The Week Photos

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