Donielle Flynn

Joel works on his Owl ice sculpture at Ice Dreams in Plymouth City of The Week! Nice work, Joel!

Plymouth is gearing up for the Plymouth Ice Festival this weekend (February 2nd-4th). We love spotlighting Plymouth during one of their coolest (literally) events.  Let’s take a look at Plymouth City of The Week with WCSX! I met up with Joel and we headed over to Ice Dreams in Plymouth.  I have always been fascinated by ice carving.  Their artist, Tajana, carves many (around 50) of the ice carvings you’ll see in Plymouth during the festival.  We got a look behind the scenes at Ice Dreams.

Ice Dreams makes its ice on site.  They have a long row of ice molds/freezers that create 300-pound blocks of ice.  The process takes about 48 hours.  Sometimes the block IS the art.  They freeze flowers in ice for banquets and other events.  Tajana and her husband, Paul also work with Miracle League.  Various small toys are frozen in the ice.  Kids with disabilities can see and touch the ice and they get toys once it melts! CHeck out our video as we check in with Tajana from inside her frozen office!

Joel’s Notes

I stopped in at Bode’s Corn Beef House.  The crew at Bode’s was the coolest bunch of WCSX Rockers I could have hoped to meet.  Thomas, Mikey Ramone (in tribute to his favorite band, The Ramones!), Dave, and Gwen rock out to WCSX and they also have an incredible corned beef sandwich! Bode’s is the real deal.  They’ve been open and in Plymouth since 1959. If you’re looking for corned beef in Plymouth, look no further.

Next, I headed to the Plymouth Cultural and Rec Center. I ran into some more WCSX Rockin’ Plymothians (as they say in the U.K.) who were enjoying a lunchtime ice skate at the rink. I met Barbara. She requested that we play WCSX at the rink, so I left a note in the suggestion box!  Chris was lacing up, but took a moment out of his day to rock with WCSX!

The Penn Grill and Bar was hoppin’ where the main topic of conversation was The Lions and Plymouth’s own Aiden Hutchinson. Stop by on the weekend if you want to try their famous lobster bisque!

Plymouth City of The Week Photos

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