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WCSX City of the Week

WCSX City of the Week

The Village of Romeo: Joel Morgan loves planes! Joel went exploring at the Romeo State Airport (D980) on 32 Mile road. He saw an open hanger and asked the guy working on this airplane for a few quick pics! It was cool as long as no names are mentioned! Thank You, Dude! -Joel

Village of Romeo Quick Facts

According to romeohistoricalsociety.org, the land of Romeo was originally inhabited by Chippewas. The settlements first name was “Indian Village.” The name was changed to “Hoxie’s Settlement” after the owner of the first inn.

In 1838, the village’s name was changed to “Romeo,” by Mrs. Laura Taylor. She chose the name because it was “short, musical, classical and uncommon.”

The Romeo Peach Festival is one of our favorite festivals. The village of Romeo turns out every Labor Day weekend and people show up! The Romeo Peach Festival has been around since 1931. It was started to support local orchards and helped make a name for this hidden gem of a community.

Terror on Tillson Street is unique and community oriented event. If you move to Tillson Street, there is a certain expectation that you will be decking your house out for Halloween. 30 neighbors on Tillson come together every year for a Halloween spectacular and they do it all on their own. They even have their own website. They hand out more than 60,000 pieces of candy on Halloween alone each year.

Romeo and Juliette dual postmarks have been a tradition since 1994. Every year on Valentine’s Day, The Village of Romeo, Michigan and Juliette, Georgia offer the dual postmarks.

Joel’s Notes:

The Village of Romeo is like an “Up North” town that is not that far away! Romeo has a cool historic downtown district with old buildings, tasty eating spots, and cool shopping options like Town Hall Antiques!

We had a complete BLAST at Younger’s that first St. Patrick’s Day party after the pandemic. It was the first time so many people had been back out in public after so long apart, and it made that party extra special! Doni got the massive crowd FIRED UP and I danced my Irish butt off!

I also had a blast the time I drove Big Jim’s House van to Romeo State Airport! I got a special opportunity to climb in the cockpit of a small private plane that was being serviced in one of the hangers there. Sometimes all you have to ask “Please?”

Man smiling while sitting in a small aircraft
Donielle Flynn
Look how happy Joel is to be sitting in the plane! Inside a hanger at the Romeo State Airport.

Romeo is extra special in the Fall season, too- You can be sure that WCSX will be back for fresh apples, cider, and donuts when Fall rolls back around. The people in Romeo also stand out as some of the most friendly and laid back folks in Michigan!

A Few City of the Week Moments in The Village of Romeo

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