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WCSX City of the Week


Joel “The Party Dude” Morgan

Joel “The Party Dude” Morgan has been a Detroit area institution as far back as anyone should want to remember. Raised on the East Siiide, Joel Morgan’s roots run deep in the rock and roll community, but there’s so much more to Joel…. let’s peel back the layers of the Onion Joel.
Joel “furever” Morgan and his lovely wife, Kim, love animals. They hold a particularly strong love for squirrels and the almighty groundhog. Joel shed a tear watching Twiggy, the waterskiing squirrel. Joel and Kim take vacation every Groundhog Day so that they can enjoy the morning festivities together. Additionally, Joel asked Kim to be his mate at the primate exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.

Joel also loves legos. He has put together some works of art that would make lesser men break from the anxiety of SO MANY pieces that are all the same color.

Joel is wicked smart on movie facts and trivia. He can quote a ton of movies, especially “An Officer and a Gentleman.” Joel is also proficient with a variety of accents and impersonations.

Some of Joel’s best tales include how The Rolling Stones ended up playing his wedding reception and the awkward tale of his first game of truth or dare.

In summation, Joel “Sugar Bear” Morgan is… to quote Winston Churchill, “a riddle,wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” With 20+ years experience on the streets of the greater metro Detroit area, you will not find a friendlier face than that of Joel Morgan.

Donielle Flynn

Doni grew up north of Detroit outside a city known for the quality of their water… Flint.

Joel and Doni met in 1995 while both were working at Z-Rock, a heavy metal station. During that time, Doni had the Tuesday Night Tattoo parlor where people came in and got tattooed on air and Doni got a new tattoo too… every week. Fast forward six months and Doni had A LOT of ink… forever. She has a huge leg piece and an arm sleeve plus a few miscellaneous tattoos, but none are in really fun places.

Doni left Joel in the tail end of 1997 and headed to Philadelphia to work at WMMR. She met her husband, Frank, there and had her daughter, Mackenzie.

In 2003, the family moved to Washington DC as Doni took on middays at DC101. Eleven years after she had her first child, Doni and her husband had their son (good move… have kids at home forever).

In 2013, the family packed up and moved back to The D. Doni told her husband they were seeing the country through cultural immersion so moving around was good. Right.

In 2015, Doni and Joel were reunited at WCSX. When their boss told them they’d be teaming up for City of the Week, Joel and Doni were beyond delighted. Being on the streets and meeting people is something they both love… it’s part of what drew them to radio.

During their adventures, Joel has slapped Doni with a fish, smushed a cupcake on her, shown her friendship and made her laugh more times than she can count.

Look for Doni and Joel on the the streets of YOUR city… or even better, invite them in. You’ll be glad you did.