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WCSX City of the Week

You thought Joel Morgan was just a squirrel expert? Well, you’d be wrong! He’s also a skilled Lego artist! I don’t mean he can build Lego sets quickly or well, I mean he builds original art pieces out of Legos. But he builds and collects regular sets also. January 28th is National Lego Day and I thought I’d ask him nine questions about one of America’s favourite toys/hobbies.

  • 1. Why do you love Lego so much?

    It is a relaxing way to unwind and de-stress. I also love the idea of having an image in my mind that I can convert into reality.

    Get out of my trash cans!

  • 2. I heard there's a story behind you getting the Ultimate Star Wars AT-AT Lego set, what is the story? And how's the building going?

    That is the “ultimate” Star Wars Lego set to date. It was anticipated for several years before it was released. It went on sale at 12am on “Black Friday”.  I was lucky to be able to get through on the Lego website before they sold out. Despite it being one of the most expensive sets, it is also one of the most desirable.  It is also an intricate build and it’s taken me much longer than an average set to build. I usually build my own creations, so following detailed instructions can be a challenge for me.

    There are SO MANY PIECES!

  • 3. Do you remember your first Lego set?

    Absolutely! It was the first Lego Fire Station that was released.

  • 4. You create art with Legos, what's your process? What's your favorite piece you've made?

    I mostly build animals that I am fond of. I start with the face and work my way back through the body. My Gorilla is probably my favourite. It won an award at the Novi Brickfest in 2019.

    Gorwood Lloyd Gorilla, Joel’s prized and awesome-looking lego ape!

  • 5. Would you like to be on Lego Masters the show? If yes or no, why?

    I have not seen the show. I saw the show’s promos where they destroyed the participant’s creations, and that really turned me off.  I believe Lego is not a competitive sport. It can be an individual or collaborative effort.

  • 6. I loved the Ninja line of Lego, what's your favorite line or era?

    The line that is called “Creator” is my favourite. It’s just a box of various basic Lego bricks that you can build anything you want. I also collect a few Star Wars-themed sets, mostly the big “Ultimate Collector’s Series”; like the AT-AT, Star Destroyer, and Millennium Falcon.

  • 7. Did you ever have the Space Lego sets from way back and did your guy's helmet break?

    When Space sets were released I was on “Lego Hiatus”. I got out of Lego when I started Junior High, and I got back into it in my early 20’s.

  • 8. What would you compare stepping on a Lego piece to?

    Here’s a secret: real “Lego Masters” wear slippers.

  • 9. What kind of advice do you have for fledgling Lego builders/artists?

    Build what you like, Nothing is ever perfect, & You never have enough!

    Thou shalt not pass! Unless you have Lego part 9061….I need that one

  • City Of The Week Has Legos too!

    Megan lost Joel in Bricks & Minifigs in Clinton Township. He was in Lego paradise!

  • Gallery of Joel's Lego Art!

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