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Is this part of the show or are these real cops? I am reasonably sure these are fake cops and part of the show. Photographer, Frank Pettis, shares his pictures from The Tubes show at the Masonic Temple in 1976.

Frank Pettis is the Detroit concert photographer who took these pictures at The Tubes show.  From early on, Frank had a knack for getting the photos and meeting the bands. Frank is friends with Rod Stewart.  The whole thing is amazing and crazy and I love Frank. He has been an extremely active concert photographer for decades here, in the Motor City.

Frank went to a Tubes show in 1976.  He took pictures but then they got caught in the shuffle.  Frank recently found the pics and posted them on Facebook. I reached out and asked if I could share these. It’s like Rocky Horror meets… Rocky Horror. The BOOTS! The adult content. Truly a show I wish I could have seen with my own eyes.

a picture taken at a Tubes Show from 1976. the lead singer is on stage with 4 ladies.

You should see some of the other stuff that went on at The Tubes show in 1976 at The Masonic Temple. I’m waiting to post that picture out of courtesy. It’s gonna get weird…er. Photo courtesy of Frank Pettis

I had no idea that the lead singer of The Tubes, Fee Waybill was this “out there.” My idea of The Tubes was “She’s a Beauty” and floating carnival rides, not 2-foot boots (one of Fee Waybill’s characters, “Quay Lewd“)  and naughty nurses. I found this Tubes documentary and I got sucked in.

The Tube Show You Behind The Curtain

More than one band has had a signature sound that far different than their “hits.” The MTV persona of The Tubes (in my opinion) is different from the band as a whole.

In 1978, The Tubes headlined The Knebworth Festival with Frank Zappa playing songs like “White Punks On Dope” and “Don’t Touch Me There.” Zappa had to be a huge influence. The Tubes called their early concept rock show “The Mother of Ascension.”

It would appear that the 70s Tubes were more glam rock incorporated. The 80s Tubes were closer to New Wave.

Scroll down to check out Frank Pettis’ photos from The Tubes show at The Masonic Temple on April 29th, 1976.  There was some $#!+ going on at that show. I have no factual idea if the cops are real or part of the show. I know nothing besides what I have already told you.

This was an eye-opener. You only know what you know. After seeing Frank’s pictures and researching The Tubes, I found that they have always had a flair for theatrics and choreography in their live shows.

The Tubes Show: Masonic Temple 1976

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