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Doni hanging in Ypsilanti: City of the Week with WCSX! A Hudson Hornet driven by NASCAR's Herb Thomas is a showpiece at the museum.

One of the many things I love about my visits to Ypsilanti is that I always find something new: a cool mural or museum.  Congratulations to Ypsilanti! City of the Week with WCSX! The vintage feel of Ypsilanti with its artistic flairs makes it a gem in the rough. I say this because while I love Ypsilanti as is, I feel like they are on the brink of making a cool community even better.

Ypsilanti’s Jack Miller and His Legacy

I found a new-to-me museum called Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum. It’s open from 1-4pm Thursday through Sunday (except holidays).  Located in the historic Depot Town of Ypsilanti, this museum has a lot to offer.  The museum is the sight of the last Hudson car dealership.  They have NASCAR driver, Herb Thomas‘s Hudson Hornet (restored by Jack Miller).  Jack Miller was the owner of the Hudson dealership up until the mid-90s when the dealership became a museum.  The building was modified to include what was the dealership’s car lot and the old post office/unemployment office.

I saw some really cool vehicles including the Hornet, an electric car from the 70s, and cars dating back to the early 1900s.  Scroll down to check out the pics or read on about my travels in Ypsilanti.

Michigan Avenue

I had to stop by and see my friends at A2Vintage on Michigan Avenue.  We’ve visited them before with City of the Week and you couldn’t ask to hang out with my more friendly people. Kelly and Momma Deb have cool vintage pieces and clothing.  It’s the type of shop where you don’t know something this cool exists until you see it for yourself.

A few doors down, you’ll find The Rocket.  This shop packs a lot of punch.  I LOVED their selection of items including a strong showing of Big Foot items and I bought some fake FLOATING poop for my sister’s pool next summer.  I am a child. Also, Rocket gives out free candy on the weekends (they have a second location in Ferndale).

Planet Fitness in Ypsilanti: City of the Week

I took my workout buddy, Woody The Gnome with me to Planet Fitness on Washtenaw in Ypsilanti.  The gym is REALLY nice and has a ton of amenities. While I biked, we discussed Ypsilanti.

Ypsilanti: City of the Week Gallery

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