WCSX ’70s A-Z Weekend

WCSX ’70s A-Z Weekend

WCSX ’70s A-Z Weekend

The ’70s wasn’t only just known to be a killer decade for classic rock music but it is also iconic for some staple fashion trends! Some of these trends have gone away with time, others are resurfacing. We certainly can’t list them all but here are some of our favorite trends from the ’70s:

  • 1. Bellbottoms

    The bellbottoms were a staple of 70s fashion… these pants screamed party down low and looked business up top!

    '70s Bellbottoms

  • 2. Tie-Dye

    This decade was experimental, to say the least. Who wanted to wear a plain t-shirt when you could spice it up with some color? Tie-Dye became all the rage for hippies everywhere. But let’s be honest… it looked pretty awesome under a blacklight!

    '70s Tie-Dye

  • 3. The Afro

    One hairstyle that displayed a sense of confidence and swagger in your strut was the afro!

    '70s Afro

  • 4. Platforms

    High heels were around for a really long time… in the ’70s women fell in love with platforms which became a hit with the masses!

    '70s Platform shoes

  • 5. High-Waisted Jeans

    Fashionistas not only gave us the bellbottom pants in the ’70s but we also got the high-waisted jeans! They’re even sweeping across the fashion industry once again. 

    High-Waisted Jeans

  • 6. Corduroy

    Another fashion item that was very popular in the ’70s was corduroy! Not only did we get corduroy pants but jackets as well! Was it the soft suede-like feel or the fine thin lines that made them so exciting?

    70s corduroy

  • 7. Circle Sunglasses

    Now, these make us think of the late John Lennon, who made circular sunglasses infamous. These gave wearers an added sense of style that met sophistication.

    circle glasses - 70s fashion

  • 8. Underground Punk

    In the late ’70s, black leather jackets, studs, and hair that don’t care, entered the scene as a trend among punk enthusiasts.

    Leather Jackets

  • 9. Hot Pants

    Women’s short shorts were at the center of so many heated societal debates. As a result of these heated disagreements, these women short shorts earned the name “hot pants”.

    Hot Pants - 70s trends

  • 10. Chevron

    Patterns heavily influenced ’70s fashion and in the ’70s chevron made itself known as the next big pattern – one that has recently seen a big reemergence.

    Chevron Pattern - 70s trends

  • 11. Puka Shell & Love Beads

    Of course, clothing wasn’t the only mentionable fashion of the 70s. Men and women had a fair share of jewelry to accessorize with. During the ’70s puka shells, love beads, and mood rings led the charge.

    70s trends - jewelry

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