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You are now entering Livonia!

Congratulation, Livonia!  You are the WCSX City of the Week! Like so many communities in Michigan, Livonia is named after a place in New York.  The United States has a total of seven communities named “Livonia.”  Michigan is the largest of the Livonia communities with a population just under 100,000. The name Livonia dates back to the twelfth century, originating in the eastern Europe/western Russia region according to

Livonia was formed in 1834.  Originally the area was inhabited by the Potawatomi tribe.

Joel’s Notes

Livonia is one of my favorite cities. I always have a good time there. It’s really big, and the people are friendly and cool!

These are my favorite places in Livonia and why:

  • Manor Bistro is located on the Southwest corner of the Laurel Manor . They serve MY FAVORITE CHILI of ALL TIME. It’s SO Good! This is the time of year for it too, because they only make it Fall through Spring. Their chili is very thick and meaty… an just the right bit of spicy! They serve ready to go lunch meals and soups & sandwiches too. Everything they make is homemade and delicious! The staff is friendly and fast- even if it looks crowded, the line goes quick! Manor Bistro is only open Mon-Fri 10-3pm so catch them when you can!
  • Riverside Arena calls itself “Michigan’s finest roller skating center” and they make a confident point! This rink has been one of the best roller rinks in Michigan since 1940! It’s been a couple years since the last time my wife, Kim, and I went skating there, but it really is one of the best rinks that we have skated. They take very good care of their floor. Riverside Arena has been a part of Livonia for 84 years!
  • Town Peddler Craft & Antique Mall: Whatever you collect, you will find more of it at Town Pedder Craft & Antique Mall. “A community of artists, craftspeople, and antique vintage vendors” says their website- It’s a giant mall made up of vendor booths that specialize in different merchandise. I found some really cool old radio station stickers the last time I was there! It’s less crowded during the week, but if you want to try to haggle with a dealer, or just love the busy vibe, try to visit on the weekend!
  • Disc Replay is one of the very last brick & mortar, physical media video stores! Yes, its more like “Games, Movies, Electronics and More.” I usually stay until my neck hurts from looking at the movie titles at 90 degrees on the shelves! I could spend a lot of time and a lot of money at this place! I recommend The Omega Man, Kelly’s Heroes, and Neighbors with John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd on DVD.

More Great Things Going On in Livonia

  • Greenmead Historical Park

    Greenmead Historical Park is more than 200 years old. The City of Livonia purchased the park in 1976 and its Parks and Recreation Department runs the park today. The park is more than 95 acres. It includes a village of 13 historical buildings, Greenmead Farm and its community garden plus the Virginia B. Matley Nature Trail. Greenmead hosts a lot of community events. The historical park also has rental opportunities for weddings, parties, etc.

  • Roush Automoitive

    It’s local racing legend Jack Roush’s personal collection of over one hundred historic race cars and vehicles. Roush Automotive has racing exhibits, artifacts and memorabilia on display from Jack Roush Enterprises over the years. Joel’s favorite car is the 2009 Daytona 500 winning car that still has little pieces of paper confetti from the Winner’s Circle celebration still stuck all over it! The post race celebration (champagne/beer/other) got the car all sticky, then the confetti stuck to it! The car is on display just as it was in the Daytona Victory Lane.

    Roush Museum Home Page

    The Roush Automotive Collection features exhibits relating to Roush Racing and Roush Enterprises - located in the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area.

  • My Mechanic's Place

    It’s a full service garage- but YOU are your own mechanic! My Mechanic’s Place has the garage space and all the tools & equipment. You rent their space to work on your own car! Very cool if you have the knowhow, but not the tools or the (HEATED!) space to work on your car. Joel is planning to take Big Jim’s House Van there to change the wiper blades and fill the wind shield wiper fluid.

  • Bill Brown Ford

    Stone Soup '74 Bronco

    Big Jim’s House Stone Soup Bronco displays on Woodward for the Cruise. The vehicle raised over $100,000 for Vets Returning Home. A local charity helping homeless veterans in our community.

    We can’t think of Livonia without thinking of Bill Brown Ford and all the hard work they put in on the Big Jim’s House Stone Soup Bronco Project! Did you know that the Bill Brown Service Center building on Plymouth Road was converted from movie cinema plex?

  • Livonia Civic Arenas

    Livonia Civic Arenas in a non-profit. Their goal is to provide affordable options for ice-time for the Livonia community. The Livonia Hockey Association teams playout of Eddie Edgar and Devon Aire ice arenas. These are the same arenas used by the LCA.  The arenas are privately managed and leased by the city of Livonia. They’re the real deal.

    Welcome to LCA | Livonia Civic Arenas

    Home of the Livonia Hockey Association, Livonia Over 30, Livonia Figure Skating Club, Livonia Icettes, Stevenson Spartans HS, Franklin Patriots HS, Churchill Chargers HS, Livonia United HS, Mercy Marlins HS, Northville Mustangs Girls HS, Motor City Stars

  • BONUS: Bates' Burgers

    I posted this article on Facebook.  People were very passionate about Bates’ Burgers being a part of this.  I’m adding them because 1) the people have spoken 2) Bates’ Burgers is family run since 1959 3) their burgers are nothing short of amazingly delicious.  Gotta run… these Bates’ Burgers are making me hunrgy.

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