Donielle Flynn

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

An upcoming auction will be “out of this world” thanks to the Bowie space suit. I’m talking about the space suit David Bowie wore in his 1980 video for “Ashes to Ashes.” It’s part of a 1.7 million dollar auction that Propstore Auctions will hold in November.  According to TMZ, the suit is expected to go for $92,000 but I think the final price will be much higher.  Bacon costs $92,000 these days, surely something as AWESOME as the Bowie space suit will go for a lot more.  My personal bid is $150K, but who knows?  I also think they lowball these bids so that people get in thinking they’re going to get a steal.  Cuz, you know, everyone has $92,000 laying about to spend on Bowie’s space suit.  The auction kicks off in November.  Here’s the video… I forgot what a trip it is!

SIDE NOTE: I never noticed that David Bowie had Anisocoria, a condition where your pupils are two different sizes.  Check out the videos and you’ll see it in the close-ups.  Just another part of how his massively creative existence was put together.  We’re all snowflakes, but he was a step above.  ALSO, “China Girl.”  It’s so crazy seeing some of these videos and how they fit (or don’t) in today’s culture.

5 of the Greatest Bowie Videos

  • "Modern Love"

  • "Let's Dance"

  • "Blue Jean"

    This video’s version includes an introduction from Dan Akroyd at the VMA’s.

  • "Heroes"

  • "China Girl"

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