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Awesome Local Detroit Bands Videos That Ruled The 80s And 90s

In 1981 MTV Music Television hit the airwaves with the words, "Ladies and Gentlemen, rock and roll." I wondered what it would do for the bands in Michigan. Local Detroit bands didn't take long to start making music videos on their own. In the beginning, videos were cheaply made with Mom and Dad's video camera.  A band that had a record contract had the record label fork over some money to have a music video professionally made. Before MTV Bands in the 60s were making what they called promotional videos of live performances or would lip sync to their hit song to get into venues and promoters. In the 80s Local Detroit bands got in the game as bands from England already got a big head start on all the bands in America. Detroit history, The Look was the first Local Detroit band on MTV with its “We’re Gonna Rock” clip in 1981. MTV rotated the band’s 1982 follow-up video of the single, “You Can’t Sit Down,” a Dovells R&B cover. The song made American Bandstand’s “rate-a-record” with a respectable score of 94. The Look got lots of  Detroit radio airplay.  Dave Edwards continues to write and record currently. After some digging and with the aid of social media let's take a trip back to some bands from Michigan that made us pack local venues 7 nights a week. Here are some Awesome Local Detroit Bands Videos That Ruled The 80s And 90s

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