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The Day The King Elvis Presley Met Led Zeppelin

Back in the 1970s, two giants of music finally met in person. Led Zeppelin met Elvis Presley in person. Led Zeppelin Met The King Elvis at one of the Kings shows The Place In History Where This Happened The meeting took place at the Forum in Los Angeles in May 1974. Led Zeppelin was in town to attend a launch party for their record label, Swan Song, and attended Elvis's Forum show the following night. May 11th, 1974, will be the 50th anniversary of this historic date when two of the most successful live acts of the 1970s crossed paths. The King Elvis was looking forward to meeting the band for other reasons. Elvis knew the band was outselling him at that time. One of his teenage step-brothers was a huge Zep fan. Knowing that Elvis allegedly said to him, ‘I may not be Led Zeppelin, but I can still pack ’em in." On a live recording during Funny How Time Slips Away, Elvis tells his band, "If we can start together, fellas because we've got Led Zeppelin out there. Let's try to look like we know what we're doing, whether we do or not." The Elvis / Zeppelin encounter reportedly lasted an hour and a half, featured some car talk between Elvis and John Bonham, and involved a lot of conversation about music. Elvis asked for the band’s autographs, telling them he was getting them for his daughter Lisa Marie. So they talked briefly, and then we said goodbye and shook hands. Robert and the boys were heading for the elevator, and suddenly, Elvis swung around the door and said, ‘Hey, Robert! He started singing Love Me Tender, and I was singing (it) to him, and we were all crying.” Jimmy Once Turned Down The Chance To Meet The King Jimmy Page had turned down the chance to meet Presley in 1969 after flying to Las Vegas to see Presley perform after mixing Led Zeppelin's II album in New York, accompanied by then-girlfriend Pamela De Barres. Invited backstage by one of the singer's so-called Memphis Mafia, Page turned down the invite. Led Zeppelin's Song That Comes Closest To An Elvis Song 'Hot Dog' is a recorded song on Led Zeppelin's 1979 album, In Through the Out Door. A fun, rollicking tune done in the style of a country hoe-down, it features some Elvis Presley-like vocals from singer Robert Plant.

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