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What Got John Lennon Through To Number One In 1974

John Lennon had his only, number-one hit as a solo artist in November of 1974, when "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" hit the top of the charts in the U.S. Although he had countless hits with The Beatles, this is the lone example from his impressive solo career. Now, it's approaching a celebratory milestone! The Year Was 1974 “All in the Family” arrived on TV.  “The Godfather”  hit theaters. The Detroit Lions went 7-7 with a new head coach. The Spartans' defense had stopped Harold "Champ'' Henson at the goal line when it mattered most. And in the process, they had just pulled off perhaps the greatest upset in school history. Final score: Michigan State 16, No. 1 Ohio State 13. The Tigers finished 6th. The Red Wings finished 4th and missed the playoffs. William Milliken was elected to his second term as Governor of Michigan. We had to deal with something called PBBs in our food chain through contaminated milk and dairy products, beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. The Fab Four In 74 The Beatles in 1974 Amit rumors of getting back together. The band officially dissolved completely in December.  Promoter Bill Sargent offered the Beatles $10 million for a reunion concert. He raised his offer to $30 million in January 1976 and then to $50 million the following month. Paul McCartney was busy the same year. His “Wings” album Band on The Run was released. George Harrison had his first live tour in the USA in 1974. Ringo Starr enjoyed some success with his album release, "Goodnight Vienna." John Lennon In 1974 For John Lennon, this marks a period in Lennon’s life known as “the lost weekend”. Shortly after in September, John Lennon released his album, "Walls And Bridges,"  it contained his first number-one hit “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” featuring his friend Elton John on piano and vocals. The Elton John John Lennon Bet  Elton John bet John that if “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night” went to No. 1, John would join Elton on stage at New York's Madison Square Garden at Thanksgiving. The song went to number #1 on November 16th, 1974. John Lennon would perform live with Elton John at Madison Square Garden.   [select-listicle listicle_id="785987" syndication_name="august-1966-the-beatles-released-a-masterpiece-revolver" description="yes"]    

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