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Jack Black

Jack Black begged Led Zeppelin for permission to use “Immigrant Song” in School of Rock… yes, Jack described it as “begging.”  Led Zeppelin has never been terribly open to letting their music be used for anything (imagine how many people ask!).  The director of School of Rock, Richard Linklater, asked Jack Black to try and convince Led Zeppelin for permission to use the song.  Jack made his pitch with a video… and Jack Black begged Led Zeppelin for permission with style.  He lead a theater full of extras in chant, “Lords of rock,  Led Zeppelin!  Grace us with your mighty love!”  Check it out…

It worked, obviously.  The band thought the video was hilarious and signed off on the use of “Immigrant Song” in School of Rock.  Jack says the moral of the story is when you want something, “You ain’t too proud to beg.”

Maverick Sinks Titanic a Notch

Top Gun: Maverick passed Titanic on the list of the highest-grossing domestic movies of all time. 

Titanic moves to the 8th position as Top Gun: Maverick rises to 7th.  The Tom Cruise movie has now sold over $662 million worth of tickets, but there are less than 50 million dollars separating 9th through 5th place.  Top Gun: Maverick could very well pass Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther to reach the 5th spot.

I suck.  I am one of a handful of people who haven’t seen Top Gun: Maverick yet.  Jim O’Brien raved about how great the movie is and I still haven’t seen it.  Out of the top ten movies listed below, I also haven’t seen Spider-Man: No Way Home either.  I LOVE superhero and action movies, so this situation is embarrassing to admit. 🙂  Worldwide, the highest-grossing movie is Avatar.  I can’t wait for the sequel (release date: December 16th, 2022), but man, those are some big shoes to fill.  Check out the trailer:

If you’re a fellow 80’s nerd, check out the list of my favorite 80’s school movies when you click HERE.

Here are the top ten highest-grossing domestic movies

(as of August 10th, 2022)

  • #10 The Avengers - $623 million

  • #9 Jurassic World - $652 Million

  • #8 Titanic - $659 Million

  • #7 Top Gun: Maverick - $662 Million

  • #6 Avengers: Infinity War - $678 Million

  • #5 Black Panther - $700 Million

  • #4 Avatar - $760 Million

  • #3 Spider-Man: No Way Home - $804 Million

  • #2 Avengers: Endgame - $858 Million

  • #1 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens - $936 Million

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