WCSX City of the Week

Congratulations to Clinton Township,
You’re the WCSX (Township) City of the Week from Monday May 1st- 5th!

Below are some fun facts about Clinton Township that you can use to pass our Clinton Township City of the Week Quiz!

  • The Clinton Canal?

    Clinton Township was named after New York Governor Dewitt Clinton who was one of the key figures in building the Erie Canal. Clinton Township investors planned on building a canal from Clinton Township, Westward to Lake Michigan.

  • Moravians?

    In 1872, the first settlement in Clinton Township was founded by Moravian missionaries. They established Moravian Drive, which is still a busy road in Clinton Township to this day!

  • How Big?

    Clinton Township is the largest township in Michigan with 28.37 square miles of area, and a population of 100,471.

  • Water and Wood!

    The Clinton River powered many saw mills that cleared the land for farming and development that help “jump start” Clinton Township’s growth and economy.

  • A rose by any other name..

    For many decades Clinton Township was one of the largest producers of roses in the United States.