girl making wired telephone conversation with friends sitting call on couch at home in room.

Did you get rid of that old landline? Maybe the Sports Illustrated Football Phone is in the attic? You might want to get it out – because they’re making a comeback (really). That’s right – Corded Phones Are Cool Now!!!

Now I’m having a rush of memories – waiting until after 7pm to make a long distance call (my dad would FREAK if we ever did that). Getting the extra long telephone cord so you could go around the corner and take a call without the prying ears of parents (ohhhh, it was an issue my friends).

Wasn’t Star 69 what you punched in to call back to the last number? I do remember Star 67 blocked your id (if you wanted to make a crank call, right?)

Old-school landline phones with a CORD are the new trendy thing for Gen Z’ers to own.  Retro stuff from the ’90s and early 2000s is big right now in general.  That also includes flip phones and original iPods.

Most ESTABLISHED adults ditched their landline years ago, because you don’t need one anymore.  So The New York Post” asked young people to explain the fascination.  Corded phones are a lot less convenient, obviously.

One girl called them “cute and romantic.”  She said she loves to “talk and twirl the little cord,” and says it makes her feel like she’s on “Sex and the City”.  (Carrie also used a cordless phone on that show.)

The same girl said she has an answering machine too, but couldn’t remember the name . . . she called it a “voicemail machine.”  (???)

She said she also likes the thrill of not knowing who’s calling, because it doesn’t have caller I.D.

Seriously folks – Corded phones are cool now!

Of course if you’re looking for a “retro” fitness trend (that’s not really retro – but just strange). Here ya go!

The Latest Fitness Trend: Retro Walking


  • Garfield Phone

    If you’re going to go retro with a landline – it might as well be the coolest phone ever (IMO). Who remembers the Garfield phone? Did you know some of the Garfield phones are going for $200 on Ebay – seriously.

    And who the heck remembers it was made by Tyco? Another reason for this phone being trendy – there’s a Garfield remake coming out with Chris Pratt as the voice of your lovable lazy kitty.

  • Sports Illustrated Football Phone

    I read Sports Illustrated every week growing up – and remember seeing those inserts for the Sports Illustrated football phone (I think they also had one that looked like a shoe).

    Didn’t it seem like you’d have to cancel your subscription and wait for them to reach out to get one for free?

    I did find this one on Ebay that includes the tee – oh you know you want it.


  • Ronald McDonald Phone

    Who wouldn’t be excited to get this phone? The way it stares at you — I didn’t know these phone existed when I was growing up…but now I want one. There are a couple of them available on ebay – click here to check out one

    Ronald McDonald

  • The Hulk phone

    How do you NOT one of the big green monster of goodness by your bedside? Again they’re going for a pretty good penny on ebay – check out this listing. 

    I can’t imagine anyone would buy a Bruce Banner phone? Does it ring and turn green? (okay – that would be cool if it did, right?)

    the incredible hulk magnet

  • Mickey Mouse Phone

    Saved the best for last – if you’re going to have a retro landline that’s a conversation starter…it’s Mickey. This was in my sisters room growing up and ALWAYS cool.

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