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Congratulations to Dearborn, City of the Week with WCSX! Dearborn is known for being home to the world headquarters of Ford Motor Company, The Henry Ford Museum, “the nation’s largest indoor-outdoor American history museum entertainment complex” (cityof, Greenfield Village, and more.  Dearborn gets more than 1.6 million visitors each year.

The first European settlers came to Michigan in the late 1700s.  The Dearborn area was settled in 1795 by French ribbon farmers.  Ribbon farms were small strips of farming area that ran along river banks. The War of 1812 was a huge factor in Michigan’s settlement.  After the war, settlers (especially those coming from New York) flocked to Michigan.  In between 1830 and 1840 a crazy amount of new communities sprung up or were organized into official communities.

The region stayed a farming community until 1832 when it became the location of the Detroit Arsenal. Dearborn is named after Revolutionary War Hero, General Henry Dearborn, but its been known by several different names. Below, we run through the many names for what we know as Dearborn today.

The Ford Motor Company is a huge part of Dearborn’s history.  In 1917, Ford Motor Company’s Fordson (later renamed River Rouge) Assembly Plant began construction.  Did you know that Dearborn is actually made up of two cities?  Scroll down to find out more about Dearborn and its history!

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Dearborn: City of The Week Factoids

  • The Many Names of Dearborn

    Dearborn was settled in 1795 it was originally a stagecoach stop called “Ten Eyck.” Later the name changed to Bucklin then Pekin. In 1833, the name changed to Dearbornville after Revolutionary War hero, General Henry Dearborn, before eventually shortening the name to Dearborn.

  • A Tale of Two Cities

    Dearborn and the neighboring city of Fordson were combined into one community.  According to, Fordson was actually the bigger of the two.  In 1929 Fordson had a population of 33,000 and Dearborn had 9,000.  Voters approved the merger of the two communities in 1929.  A week later, Clyde M. Ford was sworn in as mayor.

  • The Henry Ford Museum

    If you haven’t been lately, may I highly recommend The Henry Ford Museum? It’s an amazing way to spend the day for any age.  I love the interactive exhibits.  It’s a history lesson when you don’t even realize that you’re learning.

    Visit The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

    The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation is a collection of artifacts and exhibits showcasing the people and ideas who changed the world. Visit today!


  • Greenfield Village

    Greenfield Village is another truly great way to spend a day.  This summer, Greenfield Village is holding Historic Base Ball Games.  The Village always has different cool events and the mainstays that I love.  It’s been a couple of years since I took my son.  We need to get back ASAP.  I truly love Greenfield Village.

    Historic Base Ball 1867 Style - Events - The Henry Ford

    Join or watch a Historic Base Ball Game at The Henry Ford and enjoy America's pastitme at it's best.

  • The Arab American Influence

    Dearborn has a large Arab-American population.  People from what is now called Lebanon started migrating to the area in the 1890s. Not only is Dearborn known for its Arab-American heritage and museum but also the best in Middle Eastern cuisine.  Delicious!

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