Water Pump Rocket

Fun With Rockets Past And Present. These songs, fads, and things we had in childhood serve as a great reminder that our dreams can take us to places we never thought possible. Whether you’re looking for motivation or want to enjoy some good music, these tracks will surely provide both!

Facts About Rockets

A rocket only takes 8 minutes to accelerate to a speed of 15,000 miles per hour! That’s super fast. In order to burst through Earth’s gravity, a rocket needs to travel at 7 miles per second! That’s like running over 120 football fields in 1 second! The Apollo spacecraft reached a maximum speed that was almost 8 times faster than a bullet. It was able to reach and maintain such high speeds because once outside Earth’s gravity it didn’t have to contend with any friction generated by our atmosphere.

Rockets From Our Childhood


Water Pump Rocket

These water-propelled toys were great hands-on toys that were fun and educational! These toys introduce kids to the principles of rocketry as they learn how air and water pressure work together to make their rocket fly. The Amazing thing is when you used pop instead of water. The chances of the toy exploding increased, but it sure shot way past 300ft.

The Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are an American professional basketball team based in Houston. The Rockets compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the Southwest Division of the Western Conference. The team plays its home games at the Toyota Center, located in Downtown Houston. They have a new coach and young players. Look for how they do this year come playoff times.

Hometown Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage, LLC, formerly Quicken Loans, LLC, is an American mortgage lender, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. In January 2018, the company became the largest overall retail lender in the U.S. It is also the largest online retail mortgage lender. Unlike other large mortgage lenders that depend on deposits, Rocket Mortgage relies on wholesale funding to make its loans and uses online applications rather than a branch system. Rock Financial was founded in 1985 by Dan Gilbert, Ron Berman, Lindsay Gross, and Gary Gilbert.

Bottle Rockets

No fireworks party is complete without bottle rockets! Watch as these small but mighty rockets take off into space and listen as they send back their reports!

Bottle Rockets

Black Cat Brand Bottle Rockets

Music And Songs About Rockets

Rockets have always been a big part of rock and roll. In the title or part of the song. Here are a few songs that fit the description of some, Rocket Roll.


  • The Rockets

    The Rockets were an American rock band from Detroit, Michigan founded by guitarist Jim McCarty and drummer Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, both former members of the group Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. They coined the phrase, “Rocket Roll.” The Rockets made five studio albums that produced several hits, including a rocking rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well”, which reached #30


    Elton’s second concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall was an opportunity for him and his band to perform their newly-recorded album Honky Château in its entirety. This live debut of ‘Rocket Man’ two months before its release. The line-up of Davey (guitar), Dee Murray (bass), and Nigel Olsson (drums) immediately established itself as the “classic” Elton band, solidifying Elton’s studio and stage presence through his most prolific period.

  • William Shatner "Sings" 'Rocket Man

    William Shatner didn’t just sing songs. Actually, he delivered them in this spoken word format that often left people wondering as to whether the Star Trek legend was joking, reduced to tears of laughter and horrified cringes when they realized that Shatner was, in fact, serious. Well, he is an actor. William Shatner released a few albums with success. 


    Released in 1991, 12 years after “My Sharona”, this rare video was actually The Knack’s second-highest charting hit in the U.S. #9  behind “My Sharona”, which was #1 for six weeks in 1979. “Good Girls Don’t” reached #11 and “Baby Talks Dirty” #38. I’m sure many of you wise guys never even knew The Knack had a second hit, but their debut album “Get The Knack” was at #1 for six weeks and was one of the fastest-selling debut albums of all time. This song is from the album “Serious Fun” (1991). The Band on this tour made a stop at the Ritz in Roseville in 1991

  • Def Leppard - Rocket

    Rocket” is a song recorded by English rock band Def Leppard in 1987 from the album Hysteria. It was released in January 1989 as the seventh and final single from the album and reached the Top 15. It is the band’s final single to be released with guitarist Steve Clark before his death in 1991.The song also includes sound from the Apollo 11 space landing in the song. 

  • Rocket 88 (Original Version) - Ike Turner/Jackie Brenston

    Rocket 88” is a song that was first recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, in March 1951. The recording was credited to “Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats”, who were actually Ike Turner and his Kings of Rhythm. The single reached number one on the Billboard R&B chart.

    Many music writers acknowledge its importance in the development of rock and roll music, with several considering it to be the first rock and roll record.

  • Guns N Roses - Rocket Queen


    Rocket Queen” is a song by  Guns N’ Roses, featured on their debut studio album, Appetite for Destruction 1987. Slash stated in his autobiography that he and Duff McKagan wrote the main riff to “Rocket Queen” when they first got together in the short-lived band Road Crew with Steven Adler.


    Rocket Ride” is a song by the American hard rock band Kiss. It was originally featured on their 1977 album Alive II. “Rocket Ride” was written by Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley. The song is a double entendre, using space travel as an innuendo for sex. Wink, wink, wink 

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