WCSX City of the Week

WCSX City of the Week

WCSX City of the Week

City of The Week Factoids - Rochester City of the Week

Congratulations to Grosse Pointe Woods,
You’re the WCSX City of the Week from Monday April 3rd-7th!

Below are some fun facts about Grosse Pointe Woods that you can use to pass our Grosse Pointe Woods City of the Week Quiz!

  • French Connection?

    Grosse Pointe is French for “Large Pointe”. Woods is English, and means Woods. Heh!

  • Hank's not home..

    Grosse Pointe Woods was the last home of Henry Ford II. He lived on Provincial street!

  • Blue Collar Man?

    Believe it or not, Grosse Pointe Woods has sections of working class, blue collar residents!

  • Star Power!

    Oscar Award winning actor J.K.Simmons (J. Jonah Jamison in Spiderman- Spiderman’s boss at The Daily Bugle) and the face of the Farmer’s Insurance commercials.. you know,  “Dum, Dum, Da Dum Dum! …)

  • Mack-nificent Mile?

    The main road through Gross Pointe Farms is Mack Avenue.

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