There are some things we are used to, random weather, losing teams, and potholes. But it doesn’t mean we like dealing with it! And with winter soon leaving, one of the inevitable things to return is POTHOLES. I counted over thirty on my short jaunt to work today.

Our potholes are legendary. So much that an ice cream flavor was inspired by them. And check out what last year’s potholes were like! Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

According to MDOT, you can do some things to avoid serious damage to your vehicle. Here are some tips to deal with this season’s potholes:

  • 1. Be vigilant

    Be mindful of the road and watch for other drivers. Essentially, do not tailgate.

  • 2. Take it slow

    Ducky in Michigan Pothole

    If you have time, take it slow going over a pothole if you cannot avoid it.

  • 3. Go around

    Try to steer around, but if you have to hit it, do it with the wheel straight. Hitting at an angle can increase chance of damage.

  • 4. Stick to a routine

    Keep up a routine of checking those tires. Check those shocks and struts.

  • 5. Report them as you see them

    It's Michigan's Pothole Season! The nasty potholes are on their way.

    Report really bad spots so everyone can avoid them ahead of time. You can report potholes to MDOT’S report a pothole website.

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