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Michigan: This is the Most Common Crime in the State

Like any state, Michigan has some areas that you have to be careful around. So, what's the most common Michigan crime? A new study lists the most commonly reported crimes in Michigan. The study, conducted by criminal defense law firm Jorge Vela Law, looked at the latest statistics from the United States Bureau of Justice to find out which crimes had the highest number of reported incidents in Michigan in 2021. Discussing the data, Jorge Vela, who did the research, said in a statement, "This data provides a fascinating insight into crime in the U.S. While incidents and charges may vary from state to state based on demographics and local laws, it is important to know which crimes are most prevalent in one’s area in order to know what security measures to take." Michigan Crime So, what's No 1 in Michigan? The most commonly reported crime in Michigan is simple assault. In Michigan, there were 82,958 reported incidents in 2021 alone. As for the No. 2 most commonly reported crime in Michigan, that's destruction, damage, and vandalism of property with 47,251 reported incidents. No. 3 is all other larceny, followed by aggravated assault (yikes!) and, to round out the top five, drugs & narcotics violations. The latter refers to crimes involving the use, possession, distribution, trafficking and manufacture/cultivation of controlled drugs. That's quite a list of common crimes. It makes sense to me that these would top the list. Find more information via the website for criminal defense law firm Jorge Vela Law. [select-listicle listicle_id="908935" syndication_name="michigans-most-violent-cities-list" description="no"]

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