WCSX Hunter’s Guide

WCSX Hunter’s Guide

WCSX Hunter’s Guide

Not all of us are hunters, but we can still fit in too! With deer hunting season (with a rifle) opening last Monday, hunting is on the mind of many people. And your friends and family may be avid hunters and you might feel left out or just want to join in the conversation but maybe not the hunt. Or perhaps you’re a novice and want to learn some new things to show off as you SKIN your teeth this hunting season. Well, when you learn these ten hunting terms and slang you’ll become one of the pack!

I’m sure there are plenty more terms and if there are some that are your favourite that I did not mention, please comment or send us a message telling us yours!

Most of these are via York Daily Record and Baseoutdoor.com

WARNING: Some images may contain content sensitive to some.

  • 1. Baldy

    Seriously? Yes, this is what you call a doe or antlerless deer.

  • 2. Buck Rub

    No, not a new way to prepare ribs, but refers to scrapes caused by a buck rubbing his antlers against the base of a tree. This is done to rub off velvet on new antlers or during the rut season. This can be used as a way to mark their territory. 

    Hunter in the fall hunting season

  • 3. Pea shooter

    Hey, it’s not the size of the gun that counts! Or maybe it is as this refers to a firearm of lower caliber, power and shooting range. Not usually a complimentary term.

  • 4. Rut

    You’re feeling down in a rut? Not deer, they get sexy during the RUT! This refers to the deer breeding season, and the bucks tend to be more active and less cautious.

    Trophy White-tailed Buck Deer silhouette; midwestern deer hunting, midwest Whitetails / White tail / White-tail / Whitetailed / White tailed

  • 5. Skunked

    Dude, you got skunked! No, not the actual stink attack of a skunk but references a hunter not harvesting any game during the day/week/season.

  • 6. Velvet:

    I do like me some velvet. However, this does not refer to the fabric, but the covering of the growing bone and cartilage that develops into antlers. Bucks tend to lose or scrape this of during late summer.

  • 7: Dandy or Dinky

    Sounds like Disney characters, but a Dandy is a good-sized buck, but not the biggest. While a Dinky is not a good-sized buck.

  • 8. Bachelor Group

    You know this sounds like trouble. A term referring to a group of mid to older deer hanging out together. This occurs over summer and fall before the rut starts when the group separates and begin fighting each other over the females. (Does)

  • 9. Buck Fever

    No, not a contagious disease, but the term refers to a hunter who gets overly excited at seeing the first big buck. Often leads to a poor or early shot.

  • 10. Ghost Deer

    This just sounds terrifying. Like, look out it’s THE GHOST DEER! But it refers to an elusive deer that cannot be found during the day because it moves at night.

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