Screamin’ Scott

Screamin’ Scott

Memories of friends and hanging out at the local mall for midnight showings of movies. Great excuse to stay out late from mom and dad. On a special date or just a bunch of your neighborhood pals. Lots of fun included being part of the night on the big screen, and singing along with the movie. The choice seat was always trying to get the back row of seats for goofing around or alone time with your favorite girl. To me, nothing beat a Midnight Movie at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Hgts. The following were some of the Academy Award-winning films shown on the movie screens. They always had multiple theaters so you could sneak in any movie during the night.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Star-studded award-winning actors, (not at the time), Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Meatloaf, and others for one of the craziest movies ever made. When you see this movie at the midnight shows you are a part of the movie. You are expected to bring all the props like a newspaper, squirt gun, rice, playing cards, and a whole lot of movie lines to remember. Not just a movie but an experience you will not soon forget.

  • Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same

    This groundbreaking movie captures Led Zeppelin LIVE in a 1973 concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Features performances of such classics as “Dazed and Confused,” “Stairway to Heaven” and “Whole Lotta Love,” and Jimmy Page playing his guitar with a bow. Close-ups of Robert Plant’s brilliant vocals and close-ups of his balls, John Paul Jones, and the late John Bonham. Lots of visual effects and little side movies of the personal lives of each band member. A moment in time captured on film. 


  • Pink Floyd's - The Wall

    Bob Geldof from the band Boomtown Rats plays a tutored band member fighting with psychological pain from his past. The movie pretty much follows the storyline of the album with the same name. I remember every showing a cloud of smoke would fill the theater. Funny because there were no smoking cigarettes’ at the movie theater. It was ok I guess because it wasn’t Tabaco.


  • TOMMY from 1975

    The WHO’s Rock Opera was made into a movie. Tommy revolves around the ‘deaf, dumb, and blind kid’ Roger Daltrey who survives the childhood trauma that stole his senses to become a Pinball Wizard. Staring, Tina Turner to Elton John’s over-the-top rendition of “Pinball Wizard”. Other star performers include Eric Clapton and the Who’s drummer Keith Moon and many other stars like Jack Nicholson. All of Pete Townsend’s music masterpieces come to life in one crazy Hollywood movie.

  • Heavy Metal - 1981

    This was one crazy movie combining the best in animation techniques at the time. It’s a collection of tales from all over the spectrum. The music was the best of the best at the time. Sammy Hagar, Cheap Trick, Stevie Nicks, Blue Oster Cult, Donald Fegan, Nazareth, Devo, Grand Funk Railroad, and Journey. The voice actors in the movie had a heavy Canadian cast featuring John Candy, Harold Ramis, and Eugene Levy. Almost every Ghostbuster except Bill Murray. Still, a fun movie to stay out late on a Saturday night.

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