Need a laugh? Check out these funny Michigan comedians

It’s National Humor Day on April 19th. And with the crazy Michigan weather, you need a good sense of humor. From stand-up to radio, to television, to movies, we all love a good laugh. So who would be funnier than Michigan comedians?

While the origin of the day is mysterious, the day, according to, is attributed to The Carmel Institute of Humor director Larry Wilde. He had declared that April would be the Humor Month in 1976.

Why April? Perhaps it has something to do with April Fool’s Day? The, says that it was made for awareness of the healing properties of laughter. Their website promotes the spreading of laughter and joy to benefit the wellness of mankind.

To celebrate National Humor Day, here are some very funny people either born in Michigan or are Michigan icons. From Tim Allen to Lily Tomlin, there are many that call or called Michigan home.

  • Haywood Banks:

    You’ve probably heard his music, but wondered who sang “YEAH TOAST!”. Originally from Birmingham, Haywood Banks has been singing hits like “Yeah Toast” and “Orange Barrels” from way back. My wife and I went and saw him live and he mixes some stand-up with a ton of comedic music. My wife introduced me to Haywood. She had heard him on the radio and loved everything about him. And now so do I as proven by adding to my wardrobe the Haywood Banks “Big Butter Jesus” shirt. He’ll be at One Night Stans in Waterford on May 5th.


  • Tim Allen

    Who doesn’t know Tool Time Tim Allen? Tim was born in Denver, Colorado but moved to Birmingham, Michigan in his teens. While Tim has had his legal troubles in the past, he was able to pull through all of that and come out way ahead with comedy specials, several hit shows, and many movies! He’s the voice of Buzz Lightyear! That’s legendary! 

  • Terry Crews

    Born in Flint, Terry Crews could stand on stage and flex his pecs for an hour and I would say “Take my money!” Terry Crews is just naturally funny. My favorite role I’ve seen him in was in Idiocracy as President Camacho. He’s starred in numerous comedy shows, movies, and plenty of action roles too. Did you know Terry was also a really great artist too?

  • Ken Jeong

    Born in Detroit, Ken Jeong has a very unique start to comedy. He actually began his career as a physician but always worked on improv on the side. Ken got his big break when he was cast in Knocked Up. He has appeared in numerous comedy shows and movies since then. Some of his best include Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, and The Hangover


  • Andy Richter

    Born in Grand Rapids, we know Andy Richter well as the comedic sidekick to Conan O’Brien. He left in 2000 to pursue movies and other interests. Andy returned to late-night television with Conan in 2009. He has appeared in numerous movies and comedy shows in addition to his late-night show work. My favorite bit for Andy is him playing the Rhubarb Lady

  • Sinbad

    Born in Benton Harbor, Sinbad has been doing comedy for a long time. The first time I learned about Sinbad was from his beginnings on the competition show Star Search. He actually beat out Dennis Miller to go on to the finals. I thought he has won, but it would turn out he lost to John Kassir. John Kassir was the voice of the Cryptkeeper. Sinbad went on to do a Different World, The Sinbad Show and starred in numerous movies. My family’s favorite is Jingle All the Way.

  • Lily Tomlin

    Born in Detroit, few can forget Lily Tomlin and her classic characters. She created iconic legends like the “telephone operator” and “Edith Ann” on the show Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.  One of her best movie roles was 9 to 5 where she played side-by-side with Dolly Parton

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