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Novi: City of the Week Factoids

Congratulations to Novi: City of the Week with WCSX! According to the City of Novi website, Novi has been fighting to be a city since 1959. They were able to finally become one in 1969.

A strong door-to-door campaign from the Novi Jaycees made a big push to help Novi into cityhood.

But if you go even further back, Novi began as a township in 1832. A plot of land was taken from Farmington Township and turned into Novi. A name suggested by the wife of J.C. Emery.

The city grew as more people moved out of Detroit into the suburbs. Now Novi is a sprawling economic success with many shopping locals, like the Novi Mall and Foutain Walk.

You won’t have a hard time finding fun things to do in Novi. There are Escape Rooms, a HUB, BATL Axe Throwing, parks, and more!

Date night is also possible in Novi because they have some amazing restaurants. There’s a Black Rock Bar & Grill, Brentwood Grille, and Diamond Jim Brady’s Bistro Bar. You also have some well-known chains like Olive Garden, Applebee’s, and Carrabba’s Italian Grill. So, no matter if you’re looking for a romantic date night or dinner with the family there’s something for you in Novi.

Novi is also surrounded by some incredible cities as well. To the South, you’ll find Northville. It’s absolutely beautiful there. To the East, there’s Farmington and Farmington Hills. In the West, there’s Wixom. Then North, there’s Walled Lake. As you can tell, it’s a great area.

Let’s learn about some Novi: City of the Week Factoids! 

  • What's in a NAME?

    Novi Listicle 1

    Novi was coined by the wife of J.C. Emery, but why is a little bit of a mystery. Many of the suggestions are things like a Novi being after the “sixth” toll gate (No. VI) and it was the Sixth stagecoach stop, but the dates and facts disprove this. More than likely it was just to be a shorter name than Farmington.

  • Let's go to the Mall dude!

    Novi 3

    The Novi Mall aka the Twelve Oaks Mall, has been my mall since I was a kid. I remember the theater at the mall, Santa, and the crazy Burger King that was huge and had ramps. I would run down those ramps like it was the best thing in my life. And this was when food was good and still fast. The mall opened in full in 1977 with major stores like Lord & Taylor and JCPenny being added in 1978.

  • Tollgate Farm

    Novi 4

    Tollgate Farm is a Michigan State University Farm and Education Center. They have a great farm and throw (THROW) a great Pumpkinfest every year. Where they literally catapult (sorry TRUDGEON) pumpkins massive distances.

  • Movies, shopping and just about everything

    Novi 2

    In my lifetime I have seen few places that are such an epicenter of shopping, food, and fun. You have the Twelve Oaks Mall with 180 Stores, The Novi Town Center (Where the first Borders I ever went to was, where they SOLD books), and the newer Fountain Walk with the mega-movie theater Emagine. And there are constantly new stores coming (and some going). There is a rare year I don’t go to Olive Garden and Red Robbin like 30 times! Sorry, stuck in my ways.

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