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After watching Sunday’s football NFC Championship game the other night, Anita Baker was the performer before the San Francisco 49ers Philadelphia Eagles game. Baker let out a rendition of the National anthem that made social media go into a frenzy. Some have bad reviews of her performance. I thought with doing it solo, no background track to help. I thought the Detroit native did a pretty good job. For the Twitter trolls knocking the rendition I have searched the far reaches of the inter-web to find some real stinkers. One of my bucket lists is to sing maybe, “Take me out to the ballgame,” but not the National Anthem.

  • Michael Bolton


    Michael Bolton is extremely talented. Probably one of the few guys that can get a pass for this one.

  • Fergie

    What can I say about “Fergie,” maybe it was an off night. For the most part, I do not mind her music. Some have liked her catalog of tunes over the years. Just was a certain cringe factor at this attempt.

  • Rosanne Barr

    In Rosanne Barr’s defense years later as she tells the story. Johnny Carson the night before warned her not to sing it in too high a key. Wouldn’t you know it she did, so she thought she was a comic and tried to make it funny. Well, it kind of went too far. But unlike some, at least she remembered the words.

  • Carl Lewis

    Carl Lewis’s U.S. National Anthem performance during an NBA game between the Chicago Bulls & the New Jersey Nets in 1993. I like how he was gonna hit a high note at “Or the land OF… the free” but then he went with a lower note. It was like he was going to jump from one side of the cliff to the other but stopped just in time. 🤣

  • Victoria Zarlenga

    It can be very nerve-wracking to perform one of the most difficult songs to sing in front of so many people. She must’ve gathered a lot of courage to do that. The national anthem requires such a large vocal range. I looked up a few other videos, and she is a pretty good singer. Why this was an epic fail could be any number of reasons. 

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