Screamin’ Scott

Screamin’ Scott

Ron Sweed AKA The Ghoul

Detroit/ Cleveland late-night tv movie horror host Ron Sweed is known to many as, The Ghoul. Growing up, I became a big fan by watching his antics and skits on tv. The Ghoul showed the cheesiest movies likely due to a small broadcast budget. He would make fun of the movie by adding sound effects, burps, and funny music. To a 12-year-old me it was the funniest thing anywhere. The Ghoul blew up model cars and figurines kids mailed in with M-80 firecrackers which he called, Boom Booms.  Who could forget his sidekick a toy Frog he called Froggy.

In the 70s The Ghoul tv show was so popular it was syndicated in Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. Ron Sweed was on and off the air in Cleveland and Detroit for over three decades.

The Ghoul had his arm of fans that would call him our king or leader. Catch phrases like, “zingy-zingy,” and “Overdey!” “Bofo Socko” and “stay sick, turn blue”. Plus a segment where viewers sent in their home movies. This is where I got my 15 mins of fame as The Ghoul showed one of my movies.

Unfortunately, we lost Ron Sweed on April 1, 2019, five months after suffering a massive heart attack after a triple bypass 5 months earlier. Felt a piece of my childhood had just left me.

Remembering The Ghoul this April by playing some of the music he played on his show from, The Beatles to Frank Yankovic polka music. I discovered some great music and artists just by watching his show. I will forever be a member of the Ghoul Army.

Remembering Famous Local TV Host Icon The Ghoul Ron Sweed and his Music. Here are some of the favorites used on the Ghoul TV show.

The Ghoul

Ghoul Concert Poster from his show at The Ritz in Roseville


Ghoul T-Shirt


  • The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour


    I discovered so many Beatles song the Ghoul used on his show including for years using the song to open the show.

  • Tom King and the Starfires - Stronger Than Dirt

    For the longest time I never knew what artist did this song only to find out it was the pride of Cleveland , Ohio. Band called, Tom King and the Starfires.

  • The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

    Big favorite of mine and one of the first albums I bought with my own money. Side note the song got its name as when the band was recording it in the studio. On tape there were a lot of spliced up pieces to the song. So many so when the band members were asking what they were going to work on today. The referred to the song as Frankenstein as it had so many parts that had to be spliced together.

  • Badfinger - Come and get it (1969)

    Used on many of the endings of The Ghoul skits that would lead to a commercial break.

  • Paul Revere & The Raiders - Action

    Ron Sweed  was a huge fan also of the British Invasion bands of the late 60s. One of his favorites was Paul Revere & The Raiders. Played a lot on his tv show

  • Frankie Yankovic- Who Stole The Keeshka?

    No relationship with Weird Al Yankovic but they are still friends. The Ghoul had a fascination with polka music.

  • The Turtles - Buzzsaw

    Same band that gave you the song, Happy Together, The Turtles bought you Buzz Saw as a B-side to one of their hits.

  • The Lovin' Spoonful - Night Owl Blues

    The song was a B-side of the hit single, “Do You Believe in Magic.” by the Lovin Spoonful.

  • The Trashmen - Bird is the Word

    The Trashmen got sued in court as this song was so much like The Rivingtons, Papa Omm-Mow-Mow

  • The Rivingttons - Papa Omm-Mow-Mow

  • Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions

    Booker T. & the M.G.’s were an American instrumental R&B/funk band that was influential in shaping the sound of Southern soul and Memphis soul.

  • Davie Allan & the Arrows - Blues' Theme (1967)

    Davie Allan is an American guitarist best known for his work on soundtracks to various teen and biker movies in the 1960s

  • Johnny & The Hurricanes- Red River Rock

    One of what they call in television is back with music coming back to the show from commercials. This song later was featured on the soundtrack of the movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

  • Link Wray - Rumble

    “Link” Wray Jr. was an American guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist who became popular in the late 1950s. Check out a great Rockumentary

  • The Beatles - I'm Down

    Ron Sweed The Ghoul being a big Beatles fan I had to include one more of his favorites. I’m Down

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