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Screamin's 8 Track Player

Many years have passed and moved a few times in my career. After all these years, one thing that is still with me is my love of 8-Tracks and 8-Track players. The quality isn’t the best it’s more nostalgic than anything. It’s a fun side hobby. I have about 40 8-Tracks in total. One player in the living room and one in the man-cave garage. Here are a few of my favorite 8-Tracks on my playlist.

  • Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Order


    8 Track

    8 Track of ELO

    A New World Record is the sixth studio album by Electric Light Orchestra. It was released in October 1976. A great tune is the song, “Do Ya”. A song left over from Jeff Lynn’s former band The Move. Radio favorites, “Living Thing”, “Telephone Line”, and “Tightrope”. Album widely received by music critics.


  • Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band - LIVE BULLET

    8 Track

    Bob Seger * Track

    How could you go wrong with, “Live Bullet”? The 8-Track squeezes 2 8-Tracks onto one 8-Track! Non-stop music with all the favorites from Cobo Hall.

  • " The Beatles " - REVOLVER

    8 Track

    The Beatles Revolver 8 Track

    One of many Beatles 8-Tracks in my collection. This happens to be one of my best ones and gets played the most. The cotton pressure pads need to be replaced sometime soon. Many of the 8-Tracks need a bit of TLC after so many years of play.

  • The FACES - A Nod is as good as a wink ... to a blind horse...

    8 Track

    The Faces 8 Track

    A Nod’s as Good as a Wink… To a Blind Horse is the 3rd album by the Faces and the band’s second album of 1971. With lead singer Rod Stewart’s recent solo success, it was their most successful album worldwide, peaking at No. 6 in the US, and reaching No. 2 in the UK. Great tunes from start to finish.

  • VAN HALEN - Women and Children First

    8 Track

    Van Halen 8 Track

    The most amazing thing about this 8-Track is the price. Cost me only $1.99. Anyone anywhere will tell you that’s a bargain. 1980 was a great year for Eddie Van Halen. Harder edge to the music and style. The only downfall of this 8-Track is the song, “Fools.”  The song is stuck in between tracks 1 & 2. As you listen the song fades out then the 8-Track channel switches the song and continues as it fades back to normal. Still love it and a great find.